19th Jul 2001, 17:58


Engine cutting out and stuttering. I had the same problem with my 2.0L Mi16.

On each of the spark plugs you have a coil. I purchased a new coil and replaced the faulty one (no easy way to figure out the faulty one apart from trial and error, replacing each one at a time, if fault persists put the old coil back in and replace the next). When I found the faulty one it worked fine. I did find out however, when one goes, the rest shortly follow. My Mi16 has 125K on the clock so I expect it will be the same with all Mi16s.

Great cars.

Hope this helps.


26th Aug 2001, 14:45

The Mi16 has a reputation for not being fast, but it is fast for a 1.9 litre car.

I raced and beat a 1.9 205 GTi. He had a massive head-start, but I caught up with him and overtook at 125mph!!

30th Dec 2002, 13:49

I've owned my '89 MI16 for 3 weeks now. Everything was going fine until 2 days ago when I turned the key only to have nothing happen at all. The day before it was hesitating on hard acceleration, could this have been linked to the inability to start the next day? Anybody have any ideas?

What with it being the xmas holidays I've not been able to get it looked at, but friends say it could be the starter motor.

7th Aug 2003, 07:43

Avoid the 4*4 version because they are slower? Do you happen to live in a land with no corners and no rain/snow?

The 2wd may be faster in a straight line - and only then after 60mph due to the fourbies superior traction, but the 4*4 eats most cars on the corners and if its wet don't even bother trying to keep up.

Please do not slate cars you obviously have not driven or thought about properly - it lowers peoples impression of your personality - otherwise, the review was fairly well written.

12th Feb 2006, 10:26

Always wanted an Mi16 but thought they looked a little dated, My previous car was a Vauxhal Cavalier GSi 2000, this would have given you guys a serious run for your money!

Now I'm the owner of a Nissan Primera 2.0e GT which is also 150bhp and just as fast except this car handles so well, and a lot more reliable being a nissan.

I'll be keeping my eyes open for a Mi16 if one becomes available however not many around here they seem rare.

Jason From Kent.