1996 Peugeot 406 ST 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


A excellent performance car except for the engine fault


When I got the car it worked fine. Then Problems started to occur after 8 months. I was driving at 60mph the Rev counter started jumping up and down and the car felt like jumping around. Started inspecting the engine at the side of the road, nothing broke off or anything. It wasn't misfiring or anything like that. Brought it back the garage for about 5 times and at the last time the mechanic took off the little part that the acceleration cable is connected to and start cleaning it. The car worked for about 4 days and the problem started again. This time it was worst. I went up the slope and as I reached the roundabout. The car kneeled down! It was dead. I couldn't start. Hopefully I was driving the car to the garage at the time. I walked 3 miles to the garage and they towed the car back to the garage. They found the the wires in the keypad snapped off and got them replaced. They later snapped off about a week later and the garage disabled the keypad. I found out the problem later in the week. the oil flowed into the engine via the oil overflow pipe which is a common thing in PSA engine cars. By this time I wanted to change the car because the car had so much problems. The engine was now very thirsty burning engine oil and the car broke down due to the amount of oil in the engine. Brought a bottle of oil and filled it up. Later I brought the car to the garage. The garage offered me 2500 for my car which I brought the year before for 8000.

General Comments:

But at the end. The car was killed by a Opel Astra in the motorway. It crashed into the back of my car because the fool who was driving it was too close behind me. The Opel Astra had more damage than my car. The car was then written off. At the end of the day the Insurance Company of the fool who killed my car gave me 3000 which I wasn't very satisfy at all. They gave me less than half of the price I brought the car for because the fool's insurance is the same as mines.

Now the 406 ST is (R.I.P) is sitting in a scrapyard beside a beautiful beach.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2003

1996 Peugeot 406 LX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A thirsty, soot belching diesel


There is a 'flat spot' when driving this car until the turbo starts to work, then black soot comes out of the exhaust for a few seconds and the car seems to regain power. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also the rev counter has a mind of its own.

The rear passenger doors don't always close correctly.

There are also numerous interior leaks when it rains.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable and very well equipped. Apart from its numerous faults, it is a nice car to drive.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2001

26th Jul 2001, 05:34

I was the owner of a 1996 1.9TD and had exactly the same problem re thirst/soot you describe. I have had numerous conversations with owners of similar cars who swear that theirs is good for 50+ mpg - mine never got anywhere near that.

I never seemed to overcome it and in the end put it down to previous owners lack of maintenance resulting in engine wear.

30th Aug 2001, 02:19

Mine never smoked but it never bettered 40 mpg and averaged low-mid 30's. A friend who has a lighter right foot gets high 30's average and a "best" of 48. Still not great.

2nd Jun 2003, 12:51

My 406dt also flat spots up to 3000revs when the turbo cuts in and then it goes like a rocket. Unfortunately, this makes for terrible driving. It has been to so called experts who can find nothing. It also stutters on cold start (not glow plugs) but then drives great until it gets warm and in comes that flat spot. This fault spoils what really is a good car. ANY IDEAS?

5th Dec 2003, 03:46

Turbo "flat spots" and stuttery when cold - please take your car to the nearest rolling road facility. They can run full diagnostics on your engine. You might not want to watch though - they literally tie your car down and then hammer it relentlessly again and again through all the gears while their computers take extensive readings of the car's performance. This should give you a good idea what's wrong.

11th Jan 2008, 08:17

It also needs to be considered that the 406 is an extremely heavy car and it is well known that the 406 + 1.9TD XUD engine is a poor combination. The engine goes well in the little brother 306 but is still not lightening quick, so it's obvious it's not going to be any better in a longer, heavier car. The 2.1 TD is a better proposition if getting an older 406 Diesel, otherwise save a bit extra cash and ge the 2.0 HDi.

Least the 1.9 can be run on veggie mind!

29th Jun 2008, 03:05

My 2.1 gets 46-49 mpg. Best car I have ever had-comfortable, reliable and economical; it is prently at 185,000 miles, and is 11years old.