1997 Peugeot 406 Coupe 3.0 V6 from UK and Ireland


Designed by masters, engineered by chimps



General Comments:

I'd had a car a little over a month when I drove through about 9” of water for about 20m in a flood when it all went dead permanently. Apparently those lovely engineers at Peugeot decided to put the air intake just above just a few inches higher than the engine sump. Long story short, the cat sucked water in to the engine, and the H2O compression wrecked the engine. Peugeot said 6k and we will fit a new engine. The car cost 4.7k to buy; insurance gave me 4k.

I would never even cast a glance on a Peugeot ever again, let alone drive one!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2008

3rd Dec 2015, 20:23

So you made it suck water and it broke, the car is at fault, OK. Now seriously, what about the rest? Would it not break, what do you have to say about it?

3rd Dec 2015, 21:04

He's saying the design of the truck is not good if you can drive through a puddle and flood the engine in the process.

12th Jan 2017, 14:04

10" is not just any puddle, and he never mentioned how he drove through it. Crawling in 1st, or flooring in 2nd gear.

1997 Peugeot 406 LX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Great car mechanically


Mechanically this car has been great. The only problem I have had on the last two MOTs is the exhaust for some reason blows from the manifold, and it has needed to go in the garage to have this fixed, due not being able to get at it myself.

I have replaced the back and middle box with no problems.

The only problems have been with the electrics, which are the speedo either failing to work or sticking just above 40.

The fuel gauge not working (poor earths).

They only thing I do recommend is don't use Peugeot dealers for servicing, as I found out with a 106. I had more problems after they had worked on it than before, and this was on every occasion, not just a one off. So this car has always been maintained since I have had it by myself or the local garage.

General Comments:

This car is just so comfortable. My next car is going to be a Peugeot 406/407 diesel.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2008

18th Jul 2009, 21:23


If you had any work done on the exhaust, there's an earth strap on the middle pipe. It's one of the daftest designs I've seen.

Take it back and get the fitter to clean it up. That will solve your fuel gauge.

Hope this helps.

1997 Peugeot 406 GLX 2.0 i 16v from UK and Ireland


A great old girl - dated and unfashionable - but solid and reliable!


Passenger airbag cover coming away from dashboard all round - Poor design.

Rain sensitive wipers now faulty - relay problem I believe, have to use wipers on continuous wipe.

Outside temperature sensor not working.

Control knob broken off the fan speed slider.

Rubber lower door seal constantly coming off - now superglued to the bodywork!

Radio On / Off button missing when I got the car.

Top radiator hose to thermostat elbow damaged and leaking - does not use a conventional jubilee clip, but a weird kind of push fit with a securing circlip.

Catalytic convertor split and leaking - £185 to replace at Kwik Fit.

Clock bulb blew - had to replace.

Rear nearside door central locking solenoid failed - will not unlock or lock door automatically.

Steering rack gaiter now torn off - another costly repair.

Radio display intermittent - sometimes does not come on, switching ignition off and back on required to get it back up again.

Drivers outer door handle sometimes requires a good tug to open door.

ABS failed (as I found out the other day when I needed it, and as a consequence ploughed into the kerb and buckled a wheel.)

Battery failure - replaced for £10 from a scrap yard and still going fine!

Water pump dribbling - replaced on cambelt change.

General Comments:

I purchased this car on eBay in July 2007 for £600 and got what I paid for - a 10 year old 406.

The car had not been particularly well maintained, and I have had to spend some money to put most of the niggles above right. The car has only done just under 90K, which is low for its age, but 10 years takes its toll and the neglect was showing.

I used to think that 406's were boring and very dated (facelifted 405 - original shape dates back to 1987) and the early models use the dated (1981 launched) XU petrol engines - so no groundbreaking technology here either.

Then I drove one - and was smitten. They are a superb driving car! I bought my 406 and spent some money on it, and it is now a very reliable car that I do 300 miles a week in to and from work.

Most cars 10 years old are entitled to have age related wear and the 406 is no exception, but my 2.0 16v has as much poke now as the day it was new - Superb acceleration, smooth suspension and superior noiseproofing make it like driving a Jag!

Peugeot should have included alloys on the GLX as standard as they would really have enhanced the looks and performance, but I bought a set of Halfords Trims (Peugeot dealer wanted £45 for EACH Trim! - OUCH) and the wheels look a treat. Air con would have been a nice standard accessory, but not for 1997 models - you had a choice between an electric sunroof - OR - A/C, but not both - Mine lacks A/C, but you only use it a few weeks of the year and most cars 10 years old have faulty A/C anyhow.

The bodywork has NO rust although it is stone chipped in places, so this is a tribute to the paint quality and rust protection, and the car leaks in no water either.

It handles great with light steering and good braking, and the boot is very large (although it would have been good if the 406 had been offered as a hatchback like the Mondeo)

90% of 406's have been company cars, so they must be good for that very reason - otherwise companies would not buy them - How many Lagunas or Xantias have been used by companies as rep mobiles?

I also own a 2.0 1997 Mondeo Ghia X, and I still prefer driving the Peugeot over the Mondeo!

The 406 is a great mile muncher, and I am keeping mine till engine failure, when I will scrap it.

A great old bird; wrinkled and saggy, but reliable and still going!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2008

25th Oct 2008, 15:33

Sill seal to door will always come away - annoyingly - when you unavoidably catch it with your foot as you get out and in. You can purchase self-tapper screws with a washer attached, they are about 10mm long posi-drive. These screw in in place of the crap plastic clips peug. use and the trim will never budge again.

21st Oct 2009, 09:20

I also have just bought a 406 Estate off my dad and have the same problems you described about the passengers airbag and lower front drivers seal coming loose, but apart from that, I'm very happy with the car I have got. It's comfortable and does have everything I need in a car.

Also I do agree with the fact that the 406 Executive should have had alloy wheels as standard.