20th Nov 2002, 18:05

The Peugeot 406 2 litre HDI Estate overall is an excellent 110 hp workhorse. I tow a large 5 berth caravan and have covered over 35000 miles - very economical even when towing.

However, I believe there is a design fault with both of the front doors - just below the external locks - the metal is soft and a screw driver can be forced through the metal of the door into the locking mechanism and the door opened. I owned a Ford Mondeo Estate for 5 years and never had the car broken into - it had an alarm fitted as standard.

My 406 has been broken into twice in the past year!Each time a person has used a screwdriver or similar to force and bend the metal - it just tears very easily - costly & annoying. Answer - Peugeot need to re-think - and I will now have to fit an alarm when I can.

10th Dec 2002, 20:28

You owned a Mondeo previously. You can compare them. How do you feel?

I own a Mondeo.



31st Aug 2004, 00:10

I've had exactly the same problem with the bolt catching and damaging the front edge of the door. I've recently spotted two other 406s with exactly the same damage so realised it must be a design fault. Anybody got anywhere with Peugeot on this?

15th Dec 2004, 10:43

Interesting issues.

I have a 1996 2.0ltr LX trim 406.

No such problems with these bolts damaging the doors, and they have been flung open wide by the wind on a number of occasions. And with 158k on the clock she's been around the block a few times ;)

I do however have the same issues with the door sill seal... its has come loose and can be raked off with a foot when exiting a car, but its simply a matter of placing it back in its place and closing the door, that re seats it.

15th Dec 2004, 14:12

406 2.0 petrol. I brought this car after a long drive, paid good money for it too. so good in-fact I'm selling it and getting the v6 version.

I too have had problems with the rubber trim under door, and that annouying airbag light which flashes after moving passenger seat. (Peugeot know about it, they told me how to solve problem over the phone.

Only problem I had was that the battery died, even when my display said I had good power levels.

Engine power is brilliant, first gear too low, second and third gears pull lovely. excellent sound system even if standard. Great long distance traveling car, stick kids in back... drive and you'll be as fresh as them when you get there.

6th Apr 2008, 17:18

The rubber seal on the sill for the door has little clips that hold it in place. You can buy about 20 clips for about £2 from a dealer - easy to replace if you break them.