1987 Peugeot 505 GR 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Reliable and engine never seems to give up strong and sturdy


Front passenger and drivers side electric windows have never worked.

Heating system takes a while to kick in.

General Comments:

As my first big car to date I found it a nice drive.

Very spacious at the rear (it helped with a recent move)

Plenty of leg room all round.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2005

1987 Peugeot 505 Turbo Wagon (Estate) 2.2 turbo from North America


A good performing car that hauls people and lots of cargo in supreme comfort


I have owned the car since new.

Has had a number of electrical issues (windows, mirrors) although surprisingly only 1 light bulb has failed!

Auto trans failed at 50,000 miles, replaced under warranty.

Have had several head crack problems after 100,000 miles, this is the main Achilles' heel of this car. However I have now run for 2 years with this head cracked, as long as I manually run fans and run with the coolant unpressurized (removed gasket from the overflow bottle) and don't use air conditioning, it seems to work fine!!

General Comments:

The car is almost as quick and comfortable as the day I bought it 17 years ago. Durability of the seats is superb, plastic interior bits are variable (shift knob has cracked to pieces).

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Review Date: 26th March, 2004

1987 Peugeot 505 SR 2.0 from Kenya


Good car, but not fun to drive


Electric windows keep failing because of fuse.

General Comments:

Very reliable. has never let me down however it is extremely thirsty especially when driven hard. The bushes and tie rod ends wear out very quickly, but the nature of roads in Africa are more to blame.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2002

3rd Jul 2002, 19:55

Any 505, even the lowly two-liter version, is fun to drive. They handle great, ride great, the seat are wonderful, the steering is very direct and communicative, and they have that Gallic character that makes these cars fun. I own an '87 505 STX, and I'll be sad when it finally wears out.

6th Jul 2002, 17:51

I own a 505GR, which is mechanically identical to the SR you own, although mine does not have power steering.

I find my car an absolute joy to drive. When stock standard they absorb the worst bumps that Australia can throw at it, and yet have beautifully direct handling. If you put on 15" wheels and install the rear anti-sway bar from a 504 or 505 Sti/Gti it dramatically improves it even more!

They are great cars, even if the 2L is a bit slow (and the auto choke on it is terrible for cold mornings)

15th Dec 2004, 04:27

I recently bought a 1988 505 SR and had the same problem with bushes and tie rod ends wearing out however the car is a great drive if a little slow.

I solved the thirst problem by fitting a smaller carburetor from a 205 1.3 which offers a great compromise between power and consumption.

Apart from the electronics acting up which I suspect is due to a faulty fuse the car has so far been very reliable.

1987 Peugeot 505 STX V6 from North America


I'll keep it forever


Electrics - window switches, alternator, starter, relays, turn signals, lights, dubious connections.

ABS control unit.

Clutch pedal control rod.

Tie rod.

Handbrake doesn't work.

Sunroof won't open.

A/C compressor's pulley bearing broke.

Replaced various oil seals on the motor.

Power steering leaks.

General Comments:

A well built, comfortable car that handles and rides superbly. Cheap to buy - $1,500 in 1998, but expensive to fix - $7,000 so far. Only buy an old Peugeot 505 if it's good, you love the car, and you can either fix it yourself or are prepared to spend big bucks on repairs. Hard to find a good Peugeot mechanic in the USA.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2001

24th Apr 2009, 23:06


So I have an awkward question... I just bought a 1987 Peugeot 505 stx and have a few simple questions that I'm hoping someone can help me out with. If you know anything about them please email me at relicalive@live.com.

Thanks, Zac.

1987 Peugeot 505 GR 2.0 gas from Netherlands


A lot of car for a modest 2nd hand price, getting scarce though


Independent rear suspension arms. Were rusted badly. New ones are available, not cheap.

Gasket between the exhaust and engine blown.

Other than that, no problems whatsoever.

General Comments:

Great ride, very comfortable.

Handles very well.

Still beautiful Pinifarina design.


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Review Date: 10th March, 2001

1987 Peugeot 505 Sedan STI 2.2I Non-turbo from North America


Worth owning, too bad the market didn't know about it


The windshield is in poor condition at the bottom edges, they look steamed-up and foggy. I will replace with USA brand.

The trunk's airlift arm wore out.

The sunroof cable had to be replaced.

The window washer fluid pump motor had to be replaced.

There was a smell until I replaced the catalytic convertor.

The glove compartment plastic had to be replaced.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2000