1988 Peugeot 505 GR 2.0 carburetor from Australia and New Zealand


An underestimated gem


Internally adjustable door mirrors becoming difficult to adjust.

I believe in preventative maintenance and as such I have had no other problems, even if I have spent a lot on running it comparative to the cars value.

General Comments:

This is a surprisingly good car to drive and handles very well especially in the dry, and is comfortable with it.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2004

1988 Peugeot 505 GR 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A person, a friend, not just a machine


Little rust around the sunroof, cost $220 NZ to fix.

Alternator failed after I connected battery wrong way round.

Sunroof motor got disconnected somehow, so sunroof is not working.

General Comments:

This car made me love Peugeot 505's, me and my partner love this car like a person, a friend, not just a machine.

Suspension is extremely soft, and the seats are the most comfortable seats I ever experienced. It feels like you are riding in a big soft sofa.

The engine is not destructible, no special care is needed at all. That's why Peugeot 505 is the most popular car in Africa!

My partner bought snowy (name of the car) for $1400 NZ, very cheap indeed. And you can find a 505 in reasonably condition for very cheap price. In New Zealand at least.

I admit it is relatively hard to find a good Peugeot specialist, but 505's structure is really simple, most people can fix most problems with a workshop manual, which is not hard to get hold of.

When snowy dies, I will still keep it in my backyard and buy another Peugeot 505!

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

6th Jun 2004, 04:58

I agree, my mum owned a GR family model until last October when someone decided to drive directly into the side and ruining the structure. Perfect for taking all of us kids out, I also agree with the part about the Peugeot being a friend not just a car!

13th May 2006, 04:26

Adios to all nice pug drivers, I just stopped to fill up diesel and met a lady getting petrol for her similar light blue 505,its such a lovely feeling when afficionados meet, we agreed that these cars are just like good friends, every trip is looked forward to be it to the shops or interstate.

The greatest seats ever, neat handling, fine brakes & lovely style. They are well loved here in Australia, the Peugeot club keeps the spirit alive with great events& drives. Viva La France!

10th Jun 2006, 11:58

I bought my 505 GR 20 years ago. I agree with all of you that it is not just a car, but it is my closest friend. It is very reliable. The more it gets old the more I love it. Its beauty never fade away. It should be good if I feel like this to my wife.

1988 Peugeot 505 GRi 2.0 Injection from Finland


Fast and furious, if a little unreliable


Head burned at 380000,so it kept eating water and over-heated.

Gas injection started to leak at 360000.

Speed-meter stopped working.

Gets rust at near front doors.

Rear-axles cracked at 350000.

General Comments:

Very speedy and comfy.

Would be an awesome car if the parts werent so expensive and repairs so hard to be done.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2002

1988 Peugeot 505 STX 2.8 from North America


Best hidden secret


Battery replaces 4 times.

Starter rebuilt 54 times.

Alternator rebuilt 4 times every 50000 miles or so.

Transmit ion rebuilt at 150000 miles.

Power steering repair at 90000 miles.

Seat have started to wear badly.

General Comments:

This is the most reliable car ever.

When it dies I will buy an other new Peugeot, though I don't know how yet.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2002

1st Apr 2009, 15:59

You said the starter died 54 times, then called the car the most reliable ever! I would have never replaced the starter that many times, I would have junked the car.

1988 Peugeot 505 Turbo 2.2 turbo gas from North America


An awesome car if you are on good terms with your local mechanic


My head cracked, so I had to keep putting water in it. When I thought it had finally stopped needing water, it started to overheat, but by the time I realized this, it was an air-cooled engine and died shortly thereafter.

Other problems I had with it, I had bought knowing they were there.

The parking brake would get stuck sometimes.

The sunroof wouldn't open with the motor, you had to use your hands.

General Comments:

Finding someone to work on Pugs is hard in the US, but I think I finally found someone.

My friends took a trip to New York and back and I slept most of the way in the back seat. It turns out that they had been going near 110 MPH for a lot of the way, but the car is so smooth it never woke me up. The independent rear suspension is very nice.

I love pulling up to Mustang Cobras and revving my little four-banger and having them laugh at me until they hear my turbo spool up and hiss right by them.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2002

26th Mar 2005, 00:24

Few Tips:


If it won't even try to start having just driven somewhere, try taking the cable off the stop solenoid and shorting to engine block. If the solenoid plunger is stuck, this will reverse polarity and may free it.


-Watch the push-rod, which attaches to brake pedal arm and goes into servo. It can rub through enough to snap.

-The weld on squared rod and the actuator arm for the gear change can fail. Cut a two-inch hole through the body (you don't still have carpet, do you?) to align with place to weld, and off you go.


Fuel tank can fall off.

- If engine overheats, wedge a block in bonnet opening and hold with elasticised straps between wheel arches.

- Check fuel filter first if car starts and runs, but engine soon dies

You don't have to be a masochist, but it helps.