1978 Peugeot 604 SL PRV V6 from North America


Would loved to have owned the turbo diesel GTI


From sitting in storage 2-3 years, front suspension toe/camber issues required parts replacement. Got parts easily online and found Peugeot mechanic in LA competent to complete the job.

General Comments:

An excellent well-executed touring sedan. Spacious and extremely comfortable for front and rear passengers. A cavernous trunk! V-6 very tight & torquey, but slow. Gas mileage 12-14 city and not much better on highways.

Above all it's Pinifarina's minimalist modern design that looks better today than in 1978!

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Review Date: 24th January, 2007

7th Aug 2009, 14:43

Your 604 Peugeot has GM-made 3speed automatic transmission, so it is certain that her torque and fair engine power are largely spoiled by slip of automatic.

18th Aug 2011, 23:57

Your Peugeot 604 V6 has the tranny 1 one notch down from the turbo 350.. that was used in low powered Novas of that era... high stall convertor. Put a 3.08 pump in from a TD automatic, and disconnect the linkage for the secondary carburetor, and you will get about 22 on the highway.

1982 Peugeot 604 TD 2.3 turbo diesel from North America


Comfort and economy


Pre heat Control unit.

Minor electric problems and usual Brake and tire replacement's.

All repairs done by myself, as here in the US it's hard to find anyone who knows how to work on these cars.

General Comments:

I have owned several 604 TD's. Great riding and handling car. Get consistently 34 - 37 miles per gallon of fuel, very reliable and safe car.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2000

17th Jun 2001, 03:14

This is one of best cars I've owned - reliable, economical and easy to work on it.

20th Mar 2006, 15:24

Hi guys.

I'm having a big problem to get anyone to work on my 82 604 Peugeot here in Austin TX. Can you help me with any information? Thanks.



1982 Peugeot 604 td 2.3 turbo diesel from North America


It has been a most pleasurable car to own. Whenever it needs a new part replaced I can do it myself because I am too cheap and untrusting of all mechanics. You know they are like politicians and only a small handful are honest...

The car drives like a dream and is much tighter than some of my other Peugeots...

I think the French production line employees had no knowledge of this one being a USA model because it is remarkably well put together and surprise surprise, the doors close like a Mercedes......

Of course I have put in an alternator, water pump, vacuum pump, used turbocharger waste gate....

The car still has such great character I can't part with it even though it uses a lot of oil and the heater core is shot. The dealer wants about $700... to put in a new one......

General Comments:

A car only the driver could love....

I never have had a positive compliment on my choice.... Those people should spend a week behind the wheel of a 604... They would have to be pryed away.......

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Review Date: 15th December, 1999