1995 Peugeot 605 2.0 turbo from Switzerland


Nice and comfortable car


Ventilation broke down once - very bad when its raining.

I just replaced the alternator for the second time, but the last one wasn't an original peugeot part.

The windscreen wipers don't go to their normal "off position" some times. They get stuck about 10cm above. that's not that bad, but it really annoys me. Which causes me some times to not use them even if its raining just that they're right right in place. But that's more like a driver problem :-)

General Comments:

Well, I drive a car since 3 years now. it cost me about 3500 US$ plus ca. 1500 US$ in repair which includes a new exhaust pipe (+ minor service costs). For that money I got:

- A very comfortable car with a great look (imho)

- More than enough space for the passengers. I put my seat as far back as it goes and there can still sit a person behind me.

- A car that's really nice to drive.

Whats not so good:

- You can't turn down the back seats to increase the trunk. --> don't go to ikea with that car ;-)

- The engine is not that powerful. But still fine enough to compete with other manufacturer's cars of that class with 2 liter engines

- The wiper thing

- The automatic transmission tends to shift to often. It shifts to the 3rd gear at 55km/h on a straigt road. So I always have to go over the allowed 50km/h in town. Not that bad since it won't shift down if I go slower again.

Sure the better decision then buy a brand new polo for much more money with the same or less features.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

1995 Peugeot 605 TDI 2.0LTR turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A cheap to run road hugging giant


The speedometer works intermittently for 5-6 miles in the mornings.

Rear suspension squeak from right rear shock.

Drivers seat pushes forward 1 notch when braking. This can be annoying.

Whines in reverse, maybe this is the nature of the beast, or there is a problem I don't know about yet!

I can't find how to operate the front spots / fog lights?

Factory alarm does not seem to work, although the deadlocking works fine.

General Comments:

Quite economical for a big car.

Smooth acceleration can be deceiving, although I think it is underpowered for the size.

Very comfortable and spacious.

Lots of torque around 3,000rpm and surpisingly agile on windy country roads.

Large spacious boot / trunk.

Excellent leg room for rear seat passengers, this is lacking in a lot of modern cars large or small.

This car inspires confidence.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2003

28th May 2005, 10:42

About the whining in reverse, this is normal. Every car does this, only some cars do it more than other. It's because the reverse is a straight gear, whilst the forward gears have curved gear wheels, this means the 'tooths' aren't straight, but curved. This avoids the gearbox making much noise.

I don't know for certain why the reverse isn't curved, my guess is that it's cheaper this way.

16th Feb 2006, 12:11

Indeed, the older french cars all have a whining noise in reverse gear. Take for example a Citroen BX or a 205/405 they all have that habit. Nothing to worry about.

1995 Peugeot 605 SVE 3.0 Litre from UK and Ireland


Plush French exec but poor temperament


Power steering pump failed.

Climate Control does not work in auto mode, but this may be due to a faulty interior temperature sensor.

Heater blower fan has since failed.

Idle Valve failed resulting in severe flat spot at low speeds and has just been replaced.

Loud buzzing noise from glove box area, which I suspect is a faulty relay. The noise sometimes decreases with the headlights on, but they also dim in unison with the noise.

Speedometer sometimes stops, but comes on again if you accelerate.

Only one cooling fan was working when I bought the car, which has since been replaced.

It doesn't ride as well as I expected and I suspect the bushes are in need of replacement; I don't even want to think about the cost of replacement electronic dampers.

General Comments:

I can't complain for £1,300 as the car drives very well when it's not going wrong and is also in immaculate condition with unmarked interior/exterior, full service history and a brand new set of Pirelli tyres!

I bought the 605 as a cheap runaround, but I'm finding the very poor reliability and high parts prices a distinct problem.

So pleased I didn't go for that Citroen XM and wishing I had bought an Omega instead!!

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Review Date: 27th September, 2003

29th Sep 2003, 06:30

Sorry to hear you are not having a good time with the 605.

Yes it is a better choice than the XM, but DON'T go for an early Omega!

Far better choice is one of the last 3.0 24v Senators. Just watch the wheel arches & confirm timing chain has been replaced if mileage is over 120k. They are without doubt the best thing around for a grand! :-)


1995 Peugeot 605 2.0 SRTi 2.0 petrol turbo from UK and Ireland


Smooth, fast and comfortable


Interior temperature sender unit malfunctioning for climate control. Replaced.

Exhaust blow diagnosed as crack in turbocharger - apparently a common problem. Replaced.

Both engine cooling fans ceased to work. Replaced.

Dampers feeling a little tired - not replaced yet.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, quiet and smooth riding.

Mid range performance is excellent with turbo engine. Economy is reasonable at 30mpg.

Handling is very neutral and composed, especially on fast corners.

Major cost is maintenance, as depreciation is nearly zero.

Need to go to Peugeot main dealers for servicing, as many independent Pug specialists have never worked on 605s and don't know what there doing.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2003

1995 Peugeot 605 SV 3.0 from Dominican Republic


A god's gift


So far, the car is running without a problem.

General Comments:

This car is something apart. I was actually looking for a Toyota in replacement for my old one, and then I met this car.

It's about the same price (if it's used, that is), but the performance and comfort is some out of this world.

I haven't discovered all the features yet, since everyday I discover something new.

This is a must have for someone looking for a mix between comfort, price, security and looks.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2001