7th Feb 2006, 03:57

I have Peugeot 607 2003. It had problem with opening the doors with remote key. After opening it manually, I found battery sign indication and within few minutes it showed the warning of two burnt out bulbs...

No idea what to do next??? The car was standing in garage for almost 2 days before I started it.

8th Mar 2006, 09:12

I bought a '02 Peugeot 607 2.2 HDI SE auto with 44k miles about 6 weeks ago. Two weeks ago, it developed a problem where initially, the "Battery Warning" light appeared for seemingly no reason. Two weeks later, this same warning light now makes a regular appearance along with its other friend..."Low Coolant" warning light. On Saturday, the whole party was completed when not only did these two make a simultaneous appearance on a main road intersection, but another couple of warning light firends appeared, namely, "ESR / ASR fault" and "Automatic gearbox defective"...which conveniently locked the gearbox in third gear which was great fun on the M50. Interestingly, when I eventually made it home, I turned off the car and let it rest for approx. 1 hour. I came back out, turned it back on and hey presto... all was well again!...Can anybody out there shine some light on this for me...PLEASE!???

8th Mar 2006, 12:48

I've now owned my 607 (2.2 Lt petrol) for almost 3 years now. I agree the value for money is exceptional if you don't mind loosing a bomb when you want to sell it. I have also had my share of problems (electronic and otherwise). My suggestion is that unless you have a large overdraft facility on your current account, steer clear away. Parts are only available from main dealer and the ones that are available elsewhere are extortionetly priced. i. e new back-box fitted circa 300 GBP, new set of tires, circa 800 GBP. You have been forewarned.

22nd Mar 2007, 09:50

I have had my 607 24v V6 for over 5 years now. It has completed 80,000 miles. It has had some problems; 3x sets of coils, various electrical niggles, but these have been relatively simple to fix. It was one of the first 607’s made so I expected some prototype issues! Dont expect BMW Audi build and reliability, but then you won’t have to pay that price for the car anyway (unless you foolishly buy new).

The car has lost £10,000 in 5 years, but that’s only £2k per year…not bad depreciation for such a large car. Its loaded with goodies from double glazing to Sat Nav and built in phone.

Advice for owners. The car has multiplex wiring (i.e. one wire serves various switches, systems) and if you are getting Fault warnings disconnect the battery and the computer will re-set and unless the component is faulty this fixes most error messages. If you car is over its service interval, as dictated by the service countdown, the Air Bag warning will come on after 1k miles…just re-set the service countdown and this should fix the error message.

Come on dont follow the sheep and buy German, lets encourage others to buy the alternates otherwise we will never have a choice other than German.

25th Jul 2008, 14:17

I have recently bought four years old 607 HDI. Two weeks ago, its wipers stopped and two of its three settings are still not working. Last week it started giving an error 'Service battery Low'. I took it to a local garage who despite lot of searching could not find the location of the service battery. He looked at my face and said,'you would have to take it to Peugeot Dealer, you have bought a posh car and now you have to pay for it'. I would appreciate, if some one can guide me the location of its service battery, which should be around boot area (according to the booklet). Thanks.

19th Aug 2008, 18:03

The 607 model has 2 batteries, one in the engine compartment and one in the rear right hand wing of the car, to reach this battery, remove the right hand storage bin and trunk floor carpet.

Having removed this you can see and reach this battery.

9th Sep 2008, 17:22

I have Peugeot 607 petrol. Its weakness shows with windows, front bulbs, electrical in general and I must use high quality petrol (super ultra).

28th Dec 2008, 22:04

Dear All.

I have a 2001 607 V6. Now its completed 80000km something in still very good condition. I had fixed up with below faults -

Changed 6 x sparking coil (done by local dealer)

Changed a OEM radiator (done by cheap garage)

Changed a pair of xenon front light (done by cheap garage)

Deactivated tire pressure senors (done by dealer)

Corrected all warning signs (done by dealer)

I had been scared by some comments on websites about this car before. Eventually I love my 607 very much since all problems have been fixed.

To all owners, please try to making friends with your local dealer because you need their help to reset the 607's computer with their special component. Since it would be almost zero cost for this process, so it depends on how the relationship between you and your local dealer. I paid very little money to completed all resetting.

Besides, I suggested that no need to go back to dealer for the repairing of front light and battery, because every normal garage has enough ability to comply with these kind of jobs. Just remind them to connect a backup battery before they remove the old battery from your 607. Good luck.

3rd Feb 2009, 02:29

I have a 2001 607 3L V6 and it's now done 110000km. It is a dream to drive, especially like the air filter, which means no smells from the outside - great when you get to Roturua in NZ.

Problems are as above; window winder $1500, speed sensor $1000, bulb $500, and multi function display unreadable when warm. Tires are $500 each!

Get to know your service manager! But style and all the kit for little outlay.

25th Aug 2009, 10:08

I have read through some comments. I am scared some comments sound exaggerated, they really scare me to blood pressure. Some comments are very useful and encouraging being quality advice to new owners like us. I just bought a 2001 V-6 peugeot 607, 70,000 miles. I am excited about the features and the look. Very well built car with so many automated facilities. My dream is that I don't get disappointed by the makers. Please always post quality advice for all in the peugeot family to enjoy.

19th Oct 2009, 15:18

Hi everyone, I have had a Peugeot 607 2.2 HDi SE auto 2003 model, for the last 3 years...

The only problems I have had are:

1. Faulty passenger door glass. Window cable snapped.

2. Faulty coolant sensor.

3. And occasionally the front brakes bind very lightly on take off for a couple of second. WD40 does the trick for 300 miles or so.

I would say the above is brilliant for a car that has covered 160,000 miles and drives as smooth as 60k.

29th Nov 2009, 06:20

Wow, so it's not just my car that has problems...

Yes the 607 does suffer from niggly problems, but it is a handsome car with loads of space and a fabulous ride quality.

I've owned my 607 for nearly four years now, (covered about 50,000 miles) and like other people, have suffered from:

1. Window winder cable snapping (front passenger).

2. Temperature sensor failure.

3. Remote key fob battery failure (both keys twice).

4. Service battery failure (rear - behind/below RHS lamp cluster).

5. Stretched throttle cable. (Service item really).

6. Stretched handbrake cable (Service item).

7. Fuel rail pressure sender (wouldn't rev past 3,000rpm).

8. Particulate filter (diesel exhaust = £850).

9. Various niggly wiring loom faults (which I live with).

Albeit expensive, when the car does run, it drives superbly. I wouldn't buy another one, but then nobody makes a PERFECT car (even the Germans - they're just too expensive to begin with) - they're all designed to go wrong / have finite end of life. (Otherwise where would the economy go? - even worse than it is now!).

I've experienced £6,000 depreciation over four years - so not bad really compared too many other makes. Although clearly, the lesson to be learnt here is NEVER BUY NEW FRENCH CARS - they ain't worth it!