27th Jul 2012, 23:42

Still the Nigerian. Someone help me. My 607 still displays key fault and will not start; only starts when the key sound is achieved. It starts at its will. Please help me. Also let owners of the 607 (or the Peugeot) have social media like FACEBOOK, TWEET etc to discuss and solve our problems with the car, thanks.


18th Oct 2012, 16:32

The battery is located in the boot on the driver's side behind the wheel arch.

31st Oct 2012, 16:20

Hi. I have had the same problem. You will find the battery on the right hand side, under the storage space. Happy hunting.

1st Jan 2013, 04:04

Check the auxiliary battery. It might be discharged or not charged by the alternator. Check the 60 amp fuse connecting the two batteries to alternator. The fuse is usually directly behind the main battery. It is usually the cause.

15th Feb 2013, 03:57

I have the same issues with my 607; it's an 03. When you see the sign on burnt out bulbs, check your brake light and parking lights to see which is defective. As for the remote key, I just access mine manually.

15th Feb 2013, 11:20

Hi guys, my 607 V6 petrol engine leaks oil all over, into the coil chambers and on my exhaust, which actually scares me, and it has a tapping sound. I thought to buy another engine for it; what do you think?

I recently just changed my gearbox from auto to manual, and ever since then it's as if it was reborn with adventure.

5th Mar 2013, 11:01

Particulate filter problems can be fixed by having it drilled out and re-programming the ECU; better mileage and power will result.

To clear fault codes/errors, you can buy a "pod" on e-bay for around £25, which plugs in under the front centre armrest, reads the ECU, and allows you to RE-SET it.

9th Apr 2013, 00:03


One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is to disconnect the battery, reconnect, and that will solve the problem temporarily.

The issue is oil in the electrical harness; same problem with all Range Rovers.


17th Aug 2013, 09:55

ESP/ASR failure occurs if you have weak braking pads in the inner sides of the wheel.

27th Jan 2015, 10:20

I too have a 607 2.2 HDI, and have also replaced the odd window cable assembly.

I am currently experiencing the same issue as you, the secondary battery has been replaced, but doesn't stay charged. Did you ever resolve this issue?

Regards, Kev.

18th Sep 2015, 01:56

Hello everyone, I'm from NIGERIA, and I own lion 607 2006 model. I just changed my manual gearbox, and after fixing it, I tried to start the car, but my car refused to accelerate, and I have checked the pedal position sensor and MTB. Still doesn't accelerate. Please can someone help me out? This is my number +2349094241522 or mail me... Raymd1963@yahoo.com

8th Jul 2016, 13:51

Hiya, my 607 was driving along and the battery light comes on and stalls the car (not good). I wait for a couple of seconds and restart the car, and it starts. Any ideas?

24th Oct 2017, 14:34

I agree so far. We just bought the same car a week ago. The only thing is the battery on the key has died on me... but for the car itself she has over 1300000 miles on her, and can still leave some new cars standing LOL.

23rd Jan 2018, 22:27

Hi all. I'm Richard. I drive a 2005 607 V6, it's been a great car, but recently I had one of the top cylinders changed - because it jumped timing. Ever since, the sound has not been good.

Now there is this ugly noise between the engine and the front muffler, like between the front tyres, and it no longer rides well. The service shop says it's a clogged exhaust issue. They want to change the muffler and reduce the number of pots by two.

I plan to change the entire engine and perhaps the exhaust system too.

Have a similar issue, how did you resolve it. Anyone?