1993 Plymouth Acclaim standard from North America


Classic that unfortunately doesn't last forever


Fine until 2003, then one rear wheel bearing/spindle, random squeaking gears, suddenly started stalling at cold temperatures and no repairs have helped (fuel filter replacement, gas line inspection, fuel additives to remove condensation). Now does not start below freezing. Cruise control no longer works.

General Comments:

That first part sounds worse than it is for an abused car. Repairs have been frequent, but extremely cheap. Regular tune-up kept this car in line late in life.

I think it's time to give up on the car now at 86,000 miles over 12 years. It was reliable for 10 years and now I can't trust it anymore. Sometimes I push on the gas when the light turns green and nothing happens for a few seconds. It stalls in the winter all of the sudden, even if I've been driving along for awhile. The thing is, this car may perform perfectly in a test drive if I just put a fresh tank of gas in it, but at half a tank it's a pretty clunky, slow car.

My initial complaints of this car compared to my Sundance was that it's slower (heavier car with same engine), has less usable storage (trunk and back seat not connected), and has a lot of wind noise at high speeds (if you can reach them).

Good aspects are that it still looks brand new, inside and out. Despite recent headaches, it's sad to let go of this car's timeless design. Probably the cheapest car that's still at home parked among Cadillacs and Mercedes at the restaurant valet thanks to the classy body style. I need to spend at least $10,000 to replace it and still feel like I'm getting something better.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005

14th Nov 2006, 18:14

It's been reliable and I like the design. Can be very classy after a good cleaning - does need frequent ones. A couple of years ago we had to spend a couple of thousand dollars on it. for the last few years, it has been good, but I feel it could die at any moment. Our cooling system has broken down, which makes it almost unbearable in summer for long car trips. But it is sturdy, and has lasted 13 years without any serious worries. Repairs have been minor. We've noticed lately though that it has began to make an aweful screeching noise whenever we idle. The brakes are taking longer to press down, the same for the gas, but it is a good little car, classy while durable and with a lot of spunk.

1993 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cylinder 2.5L Non turbo from North America


Cheap car, good mileage, short life


Head gasket had to be replaced due to leaking oil, dealership repaired under warranty.

Clutch changed at the same time.

Alternator started failing at 95k miles.

Distributor failed at 98k miles.

Head gasket started leaking oil again around 70k miles and has gotten worse slowly.

Rear brakes needed new drums around 80k miles.

Transmission seemed to have been running OK with a clacking noise when letting off the gas.

Car burned 1/4 - 1/2qt oil between changes.

General Comments:

Good car most of the time, low cost for the most part, gets close to 400 miles per tank after an oil change... dropping to about 350 miles per tank when nearing an oil change..

Parts started failing near the 100k mark which is probably normal for any car, but started to become a money pit.

Car was wrecked before hitting 100k miles - which was probably a good thing, rear brakes were making bad noises, exhaust system was rusted out and some fumes were getting into the car, engine was leaking oil which was common for this model of car, originally had a flimsy engine cover on it which was replaced, but started leaking oil again, wouldn't doubt it if the engine would have failed soon.

Car had some giddy up to it even though it was a non turbo version.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2005

7th Jan 2005, 19:32

It's too bad the car was wrecked as these are great little cars that are cheap to keep on the road I have 300k and still going strong.

10th Mar 2005, 19:51

My 1993 Plymouth Acclaim need a new or rebuilt Transmission after 104,772 miles. It burns oil and oil needs to be checked. Otherwise it is a good running car.