1994 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cylinder 2.5L from North America


Reliable, economical - Its gonna last forever!


The trunk began leaking at 45,000 miles and the front wheels began wobbling for no reason 94,000 miles. I had to replace the leaking gas tank at 60,000. The engine runs a little rough when first started on freezing mornings. Other than that, everything is in working order.

General Comments:

I drive this car very hard commuting 100 miles per day in horrible city traffic, it has never let me down. Even after a cold winter's night or buried in snow, the engine has always turned over on the first time.

I bought some sportier tires for the front and the handling couldn't be better.

I was in a mild fender bender last summer, the Acclaim merely bounced off the Oldsmobile (which suffered extensive damage) that cut in front of my car.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003

26th Jun 2004, 08:43

Same with this one. It was purchased at 120000 clicks and have run up 70000 more since then. Canadian winters are doing a job on the edges of the undercarriage, however this isn't anything a day's worth of maintenance and 60 bucks won't handle even for the relatively inexperienced body jobber.

That's the worst concern so far aside from the wobble emitting from the front passenger side wheel assembly when braking. It seems to be working its way out and am considering switching, from right to left, the 'cheapie' rotors that were installed last year on the front end just to knock off any possibility that they're the cause. Spark is a little outta sync too. Replaced originals at around 150k kms.

Aside from that minor issues include: adjustment of valve cover bolts to eliminate trickling of oil; removal of AC drive belt for a handful more hp; O2 sensor 1 time.

Do not get stuck in a snowbank with this car!

1st Nov 2005, 13:04

I LOVE my little car. I bought it used (rental car), was high mileage when I got it. Yes I've had some issues with it, counter balancing, tran, rad., paint sucks. Have bounded off 2 autos and a dresser on the freeway. But it's like the little Bunnie, it just keeps on going and going. I'm pushing close to 175,000 miles on it and it runs great. Would buy another. Don't care what it looks like, it's paid for and runs.

A woman point of view.

29th Sep 2006, 11:14

Haha, gotta love "woman's point of view". These are not the best looking sedans out there, especially with faded and peeling defective paint, which is common, but they are an awsome car if you value reliability and low cost of ownership. My Acclaim lasted over 180k miles before replacing it with something less worn. It was a fantastic car! Darn reliable, efficient, cheap and easy to work on, and well built. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best cars made in the past 20yrs. and definitely THE best American car made in the past 20yrs. I was so heartbroken when they discontinued this generation of Chrysler cars (Acclaim, Sundance, etc.) and replaced them with all-new, more stylish, and terribly crappy new models, like the Stratus, Neon, and Intrepid. Bad Chrysler...BAD!

1994 Plymouth Acclaim 3.0L V6 from North America


Very good car to modify and turn into a custom pocket rocket


I have had the car since new, when I first bought it, the engine had some compression problems, but that was easily fixed by the dealer.

Also there is this problem with the 4 speed automatic when it is cold, sometimes the car jumps at the first stop, but once the transmission warms up it runs fine. The dealership could not find the problem, and for the 7 years I owned it, it never broke.

Right now there is a small coolant, oil, and transmission fluid leak, but it is hardly noticeable. I think that the head gasket might need to be replaced.

In the 7 years I have owned it I have never done any real work on it, regular oil changes and 3 thermostats and that's it. The drive and accessory belts are still original as well as the suspension.

General Comments:

This is a very well built car for Chrysler and I would suggest this car to anyone who would like to do up a nice car.

Mine is a V6 and I do a lot of street racing, I have noticed that not too many cars can keep up with me once the overdrive kicks in, Civics, Acura's and even the odd BMW have hard times keeping up with me.

I am planning to modify and customize this car after I do a complete engine overhaul (only because I want the engine running perfect). For the body I am getting a front bumper off a 91 Dodge Spirit Sport, because it looks better and the rear lights off a LeBaron 4 door, just because I like it. I am seriously modifying the whole car so that it will be able to compete with the fastest of fast Japanese pocket rockets.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2001

19th May 2001, 14:30

I own an Acclaim and would like to do some mods, but can't find anyone who sells any type of parts that I'm looking for. I would really like to get a body kit for it, but as I said earlier I looked everywhere and can't find anything. I'm beginning to think it's a lost cause.