25th Nov 2001, 14:26

It is a lost cause!

6th Dec 2001, 23:36

Try Tbody off of a minivan they are a little bigger. And also I heard about diff years of intake's are better than others. Matt.

10th Jul 2002, 01:28

My Plymouth Acclaim is sweet. It is very quick with a V6 3.0 liter engine and blows cars away in street races. I have never yet had a problem with it to this day. Mine came in the Gold Package so it came with gold rims and gold strips on the side. The only thing I dislike about it is that it has a rack on the trunk which takes away from the look. I want to add on a tip on my exhaust to increase the sound to my car. It is also great to add a stereo system in it. I have a CD player, 4 new door speakers, and 2 subwoofers with an amp. I love it.

9th Apr 2003, 07:49

I have a 94' Acclaim with a V6 this car is dog slow. There is nothing special about these cars except for the fact that they are reliable. If you want to go fast buy a car made to go fast.

12th Aug 2003, 09:57

I Have a 94 Acclaim and I think its great car. Why would I want to buy a fast car when I already have one. With a V6 3.0 Engine, and a body like a tank you can't go wrong.

2nd Mar 2004, 15:29

This is one of the most reliable cars ever built. What are you thinking about trying to make it fast for, this is one of the most bland looking and handling cars on the road, there are much better American made cars you could do this to. I do suppose it would be quite a sleeper though. The guy who wants a tip to make the exhaust louder. Come on, loud is cool when its true, a cast iron push-rod V8 for example, otherwise you will sound too much like a weed whacker on crack like so many rice burners out there.

26th Mar 2004, 07:37

I am not sure if I just happened to get a particularly poky Acclaim, but I know my car just doesn't accelerate. It's been kept in good condition and is a nice reliable car, though I do need to get the head gasket fixed and I had some problems with the coolant leaking. Somehow the idea of anyone racing a twin of my blue whale of a car just blows my mind.

1st Apr 2006, 17:41

If you want to make your car louder just poke a big hole in your exhaust before the muffler. Also loosen the bolts or better yet remove a couple.

Don't know why you'd want to do that though.

29th Sep 2006, 11:01

Gosh, I don't understand why anyone would want to make their Acclaim loud. Central NY winters did a number on the exhaust system of my '92 Acclaim. I went through 2 exhaust systems within 3 years before moving down south. The second muffler rusted so badly it seperated from the tail pipe and left a huge gaping hole on the backside of the muffler. It made the car SO LOUD! And that was just with the 4cyl. engine. Come to think of it, with the rusted-off muffler, it sounded a heck of a lot better than these angry bumble-bee Civics and such I hear driving around now. I can't imagine how loud it would be with the V6!

7th Feb 2007, 16:47

I definitely don't think you should "rice up" your Acclaim. If its as snappy as you say, then just run it the way it is. Putting a fat fart can on these things and putting on "bling bling " rims is just waste of time.

4th Nov 2007, 17:46

I own a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim, the body is a little beat up, but with about $300 under the hood, it's quick. It's a sleeper; that's the way all my cars are. And for anybody looking for parts online, it's not gonna happen, there are none. I found a website www.allpar.com; they have cheap upgrades.