19th Dec 2001, 09:54

I went to have an oil change yesterday on my plymouth breeze and was told that my head gasket needed to be replaced and would cost well over 1,000 dollars. I was also told that this was a common problem with plymouth breezes that the dealer sees all the time. Of course though the money comes out of pocket since my warranty has already expired. why is this not a recall if it is such a huge problem? and why wasn't I informed when I purchased the car?

3rd Nov 2002, 14:11

In the process of replacing my head gasket on my 1998. Long process and would be expensive if done by a mechanic. Since this is the ONLY mechanical problem I have had with the car, I really cannot complain. The gasket didn't go until over 105,000 miles and 4 years, 8 months worth of heavy driving.

After disassembling much of the engine, it is still in immaculate condition. No visual wear, no residue build up.

I've read other comments and can't agree with the sluggish acceleration. Nor with the loud noises the car makes. My car still runs siliently on idle and I've made the mistake of trying to start it up a couple of occassions while it was idling.

5 speed manual shifts very well, have not had to replace the clutch yet. Literature suggests replacement in the 60,000 mile range and I've almost doubled that without replacement.

Hood rusted through during warranty due to faulty seem welds underneath. Chrysler paid 100% of cost at non-dealer facility.

I highly recommend this to any buyer seeking affordability and reliability. Very economical from my experience.

I own the 1998, and my wife owns the 1996 model (85,000 miles). Both have been extremely reliable vehicles.

6th Jan 2006, 19:40

These are good cars in right hands..

8th Feb 2006, 12:00

I have a 1998 Plymouth Breeze that I've had to do a lot of work to. Since I've had it I've had to replace the head gasket, heater coil, oil pressure switch, two of my plug wires have burnt in two and I can't keep the front end aligned. Other than the repairs that I've had to do to the car it runs great and has a very smooth ride. I'm not sure that I'll get another one, but I'll definitely get another Mopar product.

4th Mar 2006, 12:00

My 1998 Breeze has had many problems as well. I have already had to replace not only my Head Gasket, but also my heater coil. I am however surprised at how much some of the commenter's said that it costs. For me, replacing my head gasket and heater coil ran me a little under $800. It still runs the same however, but what can you do if nobody can figure out what is wrong with it?

3rd May 2008, 18:58

Has anyone had any problems with the wheel bearings going out? My friend has a Plymouth Breeze Expresso and has had many wheel bearing problems. Awesome car, lots of power, just wheel bearing issues.

20th Aug 2010, 18:13

I have a '98 Breeze 2.4L. It's got 176,000kms on it. It's quick, corners and handles well, and is reliable. I take it on occasional 1500kms+ trips with no worries whatsoever.

Only have had to fix normal things after time (brake pads when it needs it, muffler once (Canadian winters), fluids & filters every 5000kms) Very comfortable seats, appealing body lines and looks, sporty looking in the colour red, with the black sporty looking side mirrors. These cars will treat you well in the wallet if you respect them and maintain then when they need it. They are easy to work on and parts are cheap.

In my opinion these cars can outlast any Civic, Corolla, Camry, etc. if treated respectably as you would any car you own. Just make sure you have a 2.4L, as the 2.0L is not as strong of an engine, and you're good to go.