28th Jul 2004, 19:29

I own a 1996 Plymouth Breeze, purchased in 1996. The head gaskets have been replaced 3 times. Two times under warranty and one time at my expense. The bulb in the right taillight has been replaced three times. The transmission failed while under warranty. I have replaced the EGR valve, O2 sensor, ac compressor, catalytic converter and electric fuel pump at my expense in 2004. The bell that chimes when the car door is opened constantly chimes off and on when the temperature is cold, 65 degrees. At the present the light in the dash where you see the mileage and the panel for rpm blinks off and on. I had a vibration, the steering wheel bounced up and down rattling my keys. A technician found two bolts missing where the motor mounts to transmission. So now I have another problem to fix. This should have never happened. I was going to buy a new car, but since I have replaced all these parts it should be good to drive at least another 5 years.

14th Nov 2004, 18:05

Nov 14, 2004.

I own a 1999 Breeze I bought the car brand new and have not had any problems with it, until about two years ago. When I start the car sometimes it works fine, and other times it will act up. The gages all fall to zero, the digital odometer displays 0. The fan does not work and either does the a/c. The windows will work, but not the power locks. I've taken it to three different shops, and they all think that they have found the problem and a couple days later it will start acting up again. Two of the shops were Chrysler dealerships and even they could not find the actual problem. So far we have sunk about 600.00 dollars into trying to get it fixed and have accomplished nothing.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so were they able to get it fixed? We have had the cluster replaced and a few other parts, but none have led to the problem being fixed. We keep getting told it is an electrical problem, but no one has been able to find the source.

21st Jan 2006, 10:20

I too have a 1999 Plymouth Breeze and am very unhappy with the mechanical problems in this car. At 49,000 miles, it developed an oil leak. I had it checked and was told that it is the head gasket. It would cost around $1,000 to fix. Also, when the weather gets hot, the dashboard shuts down. Everything goes to zero. The wipers won't work either. The fan works, but not the a/c. The windows work, but not the automatic door locks. I had that checked out and was told it is a computer problem and would cost around $500. I'm very disappointed with this car. I bought it in good faith and expected Chrysler to honor its product. Silly me. :O (

25th Jun 2006, 00:07

"I bought it in good faith and expected Chrysler to honor its product. Silly me. :O ("

That's because your car is OUT OF Warranty. Don't people understand that?

9th Jan 2007, 15:49

Hello I have a Plymouth Breeze 1999, It's was worked fine, but just a week ago the speedometer stop displaying the speed and the odometer stop registering the miles and the transmission don't leave up the 2nd. I did turn off the car and turn on again and everything worked fine, at the next day it did the same and after it work again, but when I was returning it stop working again and don't work again, I have gone three mechanical factory and they said it is the speed sensor, they change that, but doesn't work, anyone had that problem, I appreciate any help or idea. Thanks!

29th Mar 2007, 20:49

I own a 99 plymouth breeze and its now developed a huge oil leak. I believe that it's a head gasket issue. this is a big problem with these cars... and the company refuses to deal with this defect. the average cost is about 1000.00, not a very good car.

20th Jun 2007, 07:25

I have a 1999 Breeze and its been a problem from day one.3 times the transmission would'nt upshift. Had it fixed. Replaced EGR valve. Rear passenger door will not open from the inside. Rear passenger power windows have failed, will not open. Major oil leak now. I will never purchase another Chrysler vehicle again, too many problems.

5th Jul 2007, 15:16

I own a 99 Plymouth Breeze and the car has run perfectly until now. At around 63,000 miles, the gas gauge stopped working and I simply dealt with it. But now, at approximately 70,000 miles, I noticed the check engine light came on. Then went off quite mysteriously. Then as I'm driving, the car suddenly down-shifts to first gear and won't budge from it. In addition, the speedometer stopped working.

I took it in to a mechanic - who spent a day and a half running a computer check and they ended up changing the speed sensor. They said it was fixed, but a half hour later the same exact thing happened again. I took it back and again they spent time on it until they finally gave up and said they couldn't fix it. The trouble is sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't.

I took it to a transmission place and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. This means I have to wait until the car shows the symptoms again before I can take it anywhere - but where do I take it and who can guarantee it'll be fixed. I'm thinking now that the Dealership would know what to do with it, but they'll more than likely cost a fortune.

Anyone know exactly what the problem is? Anyone have any recommendations where to go with it?

11th Jul 2007, 12:03

I own a '97 Breeze 2.4L and, after reading the comments I feel like part of a club.

I had the head gasket fixed (CDN$1200 worth) as most of you probably did and now I'm having a weird problem:

My engine stalls while idling at the traffic light-I may be able to live with that, but it also stalls while running at 70-80 km/hr and this is really dangerous because I lose the brakes and the steering.

I tried several shops, including a Chrysler dealer, but nobody seems interested to take a chance and look at it in detail.

The check engine light doesn't come on so a scanner won't help. Has anyone had similar problems and fixed it succesfully?

Otherwise I only have 2 ways to deal with it: Either change part by part until the problem is fixed (but it's gonna cost a lot); Or buy another car - and that's not cheap either.


19th Aug 2007, 10:20

I own a 1999 Breeze, and already I have had to replace front and back brakes, tie rod on the front driver side tire, and now the more serious problem. I was driving off and the speedometer stop working. The car only goes 20mph, and I was told that it was a sensor. Does anyone know how to fix this problem without taking it to a transmission shop to fix?

21st Aug 2007, 20:52

Seems to be the place I fit best is here... and I should have come here before!

I was looking for a decently priced car when my Honda (an 87) died in 2006 (I miss it already). I got a '98 Plymouth Breeze and I feel like it's been one thing after the other!

I had to replace the front seat b/c a metal piece snapped, so I can use a junk yard. I had to get brake pads and shoes and all that jazz soon after I got car, then recently, my brakes just shattered! My steering wheel also shakes, especially at 50mph...the average speed.

I can deal with most of these things, although paying for them stinks. But then, recently, I've experienced electrical problems I had never seen in a car.

It started a few months ago when the power locks stopped working, which was no big deal, but now my radio and tape player don't work, the clock doesn't even light up, the interior light won't work, and when I shut the car off, the mileage and gear symbols on my dash, as well as my gas pump do not shut off for about a min, (they always shut off). I hear a buzzing noise sometimes when I drive, and especially during that minute when the car is "off". I noticed a lot of other electrical problems on here too. But I know nothing about car electronics... so does anyone have a clue as to what that could be?