11th Aug 2010, 23:50

I bought my 99 Breeze used for $1800.00 in 2004. It now has 184,000 miles on it. We have had to replace the timing belt in 2006. The rest was just normal upkeep. I think every car is going to have problems.

I have gotten my money out of it and then some. My interior is still great. Roomy & comfortable. The car drives really well and the best part is it doesn't kill me at the gas pump. Maybe $25 to fill it.

Best money I've spent on a used vehicle.

2nd Jul 2012, 11:30

There are some cars that have more problems than others. Maybe you don't drive it like other people do. My car has completely taken a crap on me in the last couple of months. and that wasn't my fault. Yes, there were previous owners, but when I got the car 9 months ago, there were on two problems with electrical things. Now my car is smoking and slowly falling apart. It's the car, not the driver most times.

5th Jul 2012, 13:31

I disagree. While the Chrysler "Cloud Cars" (Breeze, Stratus, Cirrus) we're not always the best vehicles, they actually were quite a bit better than most of the other American vehicles available at the time. We own a '99 Chrysler Cirrus with the 2.5L V6 with 92,000 miles. It hasn't given us any real serious issues. On rare occasions the transmission clunks into first gear at a red light, but it's done this for years, and the clunk has never gotten worse.

I am a certified automotive tech, and although I only have 5 years of field experience under my belt, I can tell you that problems with a car can usually be traced back to the owner. You may not have caused the problems you're having with your car, but if you bought it used, then somebody did. Lack of maintenance is a huge factor to having issues with ANY car.

Having proper maintenance performed not only keeps things in good shape, but it allows future problems to be addressed before they become major repairs down the road.