1995 Plymouth Colt 1.5 from North America


This car is cheap to run, very reliable, and can haul 5 people down the highway, what else can I say


I had the flex pipe replaced at 188,000km's, not bad considering it was the original 12 year old flex pipe, that cost me $52.

I had the brakes done at 186,000km's, but that's just normal maintenance.

That's it, I haven't had any problems at all with the car.

General Comments:

Great little car that uses gas sparingly (at the prices today, can't ask for any better)

Good on long trips, I've made four 900km round trips in the 4 months I have owned the car, it's very comfortable.

After 12 years the body is still in great shape, except for a rust hole in the floor just ahead of the driver seat, fixed that. Other than that, the body is great!

Seat upholstery is coming apart at the seams, seat covers fixed that.

Passenger seat belt has been difficult to use, but that's okay, I don't sit there.

I upgraded from a P155/80R13 tire to a P175/70R13, but I am still going to a P185/80R13. This will make the car handle so much better, on the P155/80R13's I never liked driving it too fast on turns, it felt like the tires were folding over, but the wide and taller tires fixed that, I suggest you do it too!

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

8th Dec 2013, 17:06

I have 1995 Dodge/Plymouth Colt. It's good on gas, however I drive 15-20 minutes, then the car stalls, I wait 5 minutes, then it runs again. After 15 minutes of driving, the car stalls again. So, I went to the mechanic, and their computer cannot find the error code at all. I did a tune up, but the problem is the same. Fuel pump is OK, it's so weird. And I was told that it's a common problem with this type of car.

26th Feb 2014, 04:17

I had a similar problem. Check MAP and MAF sensors. Also any vacuum leaks in the small hoses.

11th Apr 2014, 01:10

Is that something you can easily change yourself, and also, are the parts expensive?


25th Mar 2018, 20:59

Daughter in law had the same problem. Eventually found a loose battery terminal connection. The old one was a little loose, and once tightened, the problem went away. Good luck.