1987 Plymouth Duster 2.2 carburated from North America


The car that just won't quit. Period


New clutch ever 100k miles, fuel pump at 125k, alternator at 140k, carburetor at 150k, ball joints at 195k, hubs rebuilt at 175k, axle shafts at 185k, minor oil leaks, numerous vacuum leaks, regular maintenance.

General Comments:

Parts are dirt cheap and so am I!

It's a real penalty box to drive, especially on long trips. But it is ultra reliable. I run it 75 to 85 mph all day long and it refuses to burn oil or blow up. I ran it up to 80 mph in 4th gear when it turned 200,000 miles and it wouldn't blow apart. I drive it from Nebraska to New York every summer and get 40+ mpg at 70 to 75 mph. Just throw a can of STP oil treatment in and put your foot into the carburetor!

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Review Date: 9th May, 2006

9th May 2006, 13:37

I drove a 1987 Plymouth Horizon while in college. The 2.2 has ultimately proven to be indestructible. Except for some initial problems with the carburetor (she was sitting in a garage for a while before I bought her), the 2.2 was a great engine.

27th Nov 2009, 22:59

Update... I am the originator of this article.

My Plymouth now has 260k miles on it and continues to run strong. Still doesn't use any oil. Leaks though around the half shafts... transaxle cover, but not enough to add frequently.

I change every 4k miles and spin on a new filter every 2k miles. I use mobil-1 5-30 oil.

I love the hatch. It is 4 feet wide so I can stuff 4 by 8 sheets of plywood in the back. It also holds 10ft lengths of pipe 2by4s etc with the hatch closed.

I have designated it as my winter rat so it gets abused. I still get 33-35 mpg back and forth to work. I can't complain.

The engine is still quiet with little or no valve or rod noise. The 2.2 liter engine was the last engine designed by the guy who designed the slant 6, and indeed the 2.2 sits slanted like the 6.

25th Feb 2017, 04:04

You had better luck than I did. That car was my first and was a POS. Carb had to be rebuilt 3 times before 80k. Water pump and A/C pump went out before 70k. Started burning antifreeze before 80k and the front end went out right after I traded it. The 2.2s in them and the K cars were horrid at blowing head gaskets.

26th Feb 2017, 05:25

I thought that the Mitsubishi V6s were the problematic engines for K variants. Were there any good engines offered in these things?