1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.8 Liter V6 from North America


A piece of S*@#


Let's See:

1) The transmission went out at 86,000 miles. ($1800)

2) The electrical system goes crazy whenever the brake is applied. The lights begin to flash and the automatic locks lock and unlock while the car dings while moving.

3) Windows rattling and the passenger window will not go down (the motor is probably shot).

4) For some reason the van just completely shut off and would not re-start while driving down a major road in Cobb.

5) A couple of other problems that cost some money can't remember all of them off the top of my head right now.

6) The tranni is going out again and I am not replacing it.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

15th Jul 2004, 09:25

Do your research next time you buy any type of vehicle. This site here would be a good start.

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.3L V6 from North America


Good when it's good, BAD when it's bad


Replaced Belt and Belt Tensioner.

Replaced All Motor Mounts.

Replaces Ball Joints ($400)

Replaced Solenoid Pack ($400)

Replaced Transmission ($1700)

Passenger side power door lock works most of the time, but on occasion doesn't.

Rear windshield wiper motor stopped working.

General Comments:

When the car is running properly I love it. The transmission problems I have experienced really have taken a toll. I don't think that I will ever feel comfortable taking this vehicle on a road trip anymore.

Most of the trouble I have come across I believe to be wear and tear. The transmission issue being the abnormality.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2003

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3L V6 from North America


A great minivan with an undeserved stigma


CV joint went bad after one year of purchase. This is a routine issue for any front wheel drive car.

Transmission is not the greatest, but if you keep the fluid clean and in check, your problems are minimal.

Not the smoothest ride, but lets face it, it is a minivan... not a limousine.

If yours has a rear windshield wiper that actually works, you are a lucky individual.

General Comments:

I have heard many people rant and rave about Chrysler products. It seems they have developed a bad reputation. I have to interject a bit of wisdom here.

My last car, a Dodge Dynasty, was purchased in 1991. It had 71,000 miles on it then. It now has 230,000 miles on it, and still runs perfectly. Why? Let me show you.

First, you must change the oil every 3,000-4,000 miles. A clean engine is a happy engine.

Second, you must keep an eye on the transmission fluid. Make sure it is at the correct level at least once a month. Have the fluid drained and changed along with the filter every 15,000 miles. Don't neglect this. These transmissions are picky.

Third, get an engine diagnostic reading once a year. They are cheap, and will save you a ton of money on future problems.

Lastly, don't treat it like it's a race car or a 4x4. These cars are family cars. If you take care of them, they will last you for years and years. If you rag them out, they will die. Plain and simple.

One more tip: The above steps apply to EVERY car on the road. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. It does not matter if you are driving a Geo Metro or a Humvee, routine maintenance is the key to a car with a long life.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2003

25th Jan 2006, 18:41

That's right. Finally... someone with some sense.

25th Jan 2006, 21:45

Yes that's right lets buy a Chrysler product so we have to get our tansmission fluid flushed every 15,000 miles. Let's also get one so we have to get the engine diagnosed every year. And yes in front wheel drive cars cv's are always a problem. I haven't laughed this hard in ages.

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.3? from North America


Good overall family van


Transmission went out at 68,000. Typical, I understand.

Side door has gotten more and more difficult to close.

Replaced motor mounts and axles at 130,000 (not bad).

Air conditioning went out at 115,000.

General Comments:

Overall, has done well for my family.

Wind noise is irritating, and the radio is flat (crummy sound, also interfered by wind noise).

Expect to replace the transmission anywhere from 60,000 to 90,000. Engine is still good, though, just keep the oil changed regularly. Love the 4 captains chairs!

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Review Date: 7th April, 2001