1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3 V6 from North America


It sucks


Transmission died once and was replaced, and will need a new one again within the next 7000 miles.

Water pump had to be replaced.

Power window on the driver's side doesn't function properly.

Power locks don't always work.

Keys no longer work in the sliding door.

Goes through brake pads very quickly.

Starter had to be replaced.

Air conditioning o-rings had to be replaced.

Burns oil.

Power steering doesn't function properly.

General Comments:

My sister in law had the same model of van... similar problems.

My dad had a friend with 2 of the same types of van... similar problems.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2000

16th Aug 2001, 00:05

1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3L.

Within 45K miles of easy, no load driving:

Brake pad blown - rotor trashed.

Break pads worn every 12K miles.

Serpentine belt tensioner seized.

Rear window motor dead.

Gas gauge infrequently doesn't work.

Transmission seals blown.

Incredible amount of rattles and squeaks.

Exhaust donut ring replaced 4 times.

EGR unit went dead.

Transmission went dead.

Out of 12 vehicles I've owned, I've never had any more problems than worn brake pads (after 30K miles or more) or a hole in the muffler. This is the most unreliable vehicle I've ever had, bar none. Service costs are incredible. I wish I'd never purchased it, and will evangelize all my friends to NEVER buy a Chrysler product - EVER!!!

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE Sportwagon 3.3 gas from North America


Not a thing with 115,000 miles.

General Comments:

Good running, not a thing has gone wrong, original starter and everything else except brakes and transmission could be better.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

23rd Nov 2004, 13:41

This minivan has been nothing, but a money pit for me. I bought it at 144,000 miles, hoping to get it to 150. I foolishly replaced the transmission on it at around 147,000 ($2000), and then the air compressor ($1500), and now the power steering belt has gone out (even though the belt itself looks fine). I've spent more on repairs than I did buying it. Don't pay more than a $1000 for this van, it's transmission issues have been well documented!