1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.3 V6 from North America


"O" ring seals on A/C.

C/V joint.

Some transmission shifting problems.

General Comments:

Aside from the need to do maintence things here and there, (tighten loose interior screws, chase a minor rattle, etc) this is the best family vehicle we have ever had. (We have owned three). Its a great vacation vehicle. We tow the boat and at times a small pop up camper. Snow is no problem with front wheel drive, front and rear air is great! For a family with children this is a great auto.

Van 1 116,000, van2 136,000, van 3 61,000 and still going strong.

I would recommend the 3.3 V6. 4 cyl. Mitsubishi - a good motor just not enough power for the 75 mi/hr interstate.

Town driving no problem, if that's your main goal.

My brother who has one as well has the same transmission glitch from time to time (doesn't shift into gear when first put into gear????? Dealer hasn't been able to find problem. Duralube trans treatment has helped problem.)

I would buy and recommend this to people.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

6th Dec 2001, 17:53

I have got one of these cars too. A 1993 with a 3.3 litre engine (110 KW) 92,000 miles.

Good fuel-economy. 11 litre fuel per 100 km on Norwegian roads (up and down roads). Also have a Toyota Hiace with a 2.4 diesel (57KW), 1.25 litre per 100km.

1997, I have to buy a new transmission for my Plymouth.

By the way: my car was imported from California in 1994. Price with all tax: 338.000 NOK. Well... I have Norwegian numberplates and American comfort, so we have to pay the price...

Vidar Krogstad


4735 evje


6th Jun 2002, 05:14

We bought, as a young Belgian family with 4 kids, a used Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 V6 Full Option from 1992. We payed it only 2000 € (approx. equal to US$). Because I have also a firm car, we use this van only for weekend-trips. The fuel consumption is indeed between 10 and 11 litres/100 km, with airco ON. We previously had a Renault Grand Espace 2.2 of 1994, payed it 5500 EURO, and the NEW motor broke down after 60.000 KM. The shift-box broke after 64.000 KM, the chassis was declared to death after only 95.000 KM. It consumed 14 litres/100 KM.

I can advise such a used Chrysler as an ideal second car, but if you need to do a lot of travelling, buy yourself a new, with a common-rail diesel, which needs a lot of less maintenance.

PS: As we live in Belgian, we pay road-taxes. For the Chrysler we pay about 970 EURO a year. Fuel consumption is 11 litres over 100 KM, and one litre of fuel unleaded costs 1,1 EURO. So: DO NOT USE IT FOR LONG DISTANCES when you're living in Europe!