1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3 from North America


Very disapointed with this Chrysler product


Replaced H-VAC unit.

Replaced water pump and tensioner.

Replaced A/C compressor (still did not fix problem)

Multiple engine failures (needed tows to mechanic)

Wipers turned on when signal in use (did not bother to fix)

Idles rough.

All repairs and breakdowns occurred within in 6 months of owning vehicles, spent approx $6,000 in repairs, vehicle is currently for sale.

General Comments:

Bought the van for more space for the kids.

For the brief moments the van was running, it was great.

Too unreliable and expensive to keep running especially with the kids, both breakdowns occurred on snowy days with the kids in the car far from home.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

14th Jan 2005, 11:41

Your problem with the wipers coming on when you put on the turn signal is a recall item which Chrysler will fix free of charge. You will also notice that the cruise control (if fitted) and the horn will also cease to work.

We had the same problem and it was all repaired gratis.

24th Feb 2005, 20:40

I have a 1998 Chrysler Caravan SE (short wheelbase) with 150,000 miles. Purchased it with 69,000 miles and it has performed like a champ. Always starts, burns no oil, runs smooth as silk. I have the 3.3 liter which runs and sounds like I just drove it off the showroom floor. It looks as good as it drives. New shocks, struts and tires. No rattles or squeaks. I did the tranny at 120,000 and it just went again. However, that is not Chrysler's fault (I will blame AAMOC0). In fact, I purchased another 1998 All Wheel Drive Town and Country. That tranny went as well at 75,000 (under warranty) Gonna take my T & C to 150,000. Gotta love those heated seats and great sounding stereo. These mini vans will go the distance with a little maintenance. Just look at how many older ones are still on the road.

1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.0 from North America




My wipers turn on when I turn on my car.

My transmission failed and I had it rebuilt.

My fuel line was replaced.

My paint is chipping off and my van is rusting around the doors.

My windows have had to have new motors.

My air conditioner does not work and it has been fixed 5 times.

My brakes need replacing about every 12,000 miles.

My van rolls on hills in gear, I have to step on the gas go I do not roll.

General Comments:

I get oil changes every 3,000 miles.

I have replaced all of my belts.

I use high milage oil.

I do every recommended maintenance.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2004

1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3 liter from North America


Adequate to good


Power Steering Pump - 2003 - This pump corroded through and had to be replaced (unfortunately not still on warranty). Mechanic indicated that this was an extremely rare phenomenon! I agreed with him!

Water pump also had to be replaced in 2003.

Tensioner puller also replaced in 2003.

Starter has to be replaced in 2004. The key failed to consistently start the car, and the remote starter also failed. It became increasingly difficult to start the vehicle with the key. The mechanic advised that the starter must be replaced. This was done and all key/remote start problems were fixed.

Windshield wipers come on by themselves at random times. Recall replacement of 'clock spring' in steering wheel appeared initially to correct this problem, but it continued to reoccur after a few weeks. This tends to happen on an infrequent basis when a sharp turn is made... and can be a little startling, therefore unsafe if driver is prone to 'surprises!

Passenger-side sliding door electric lock mechanism broke in 2002 and we were unable to open the door electronically. On taking the door apart, I discovered that the connector lug, to the lock plunger arm, had broken off the motor assembly. Fortunately, I was able to replace it inexpensively with a used replacement part from a junk yard. A new part would have been excessively high. Note also, that the quality of the replacement (from a 1999 vehicle, had improved so the problem is unlikely to reoccur.

Drive-fan-A/C belt replacements - 1999 and 2004.

Front disk brakes replaced.. 2003, 2000, 1998; Rear brakes replaced 2000.

Recalls.. 2002 Fuel rail seals and steering wheel clock spring (the latter had to be replaced twice in succession because the first recall replacement was defective.. horn & cruise failed to work!) ; 2000 radiator fan relay; 1999 fuel pump module seat-nut; 1998 jack extension on Mopar running boards.

2004 rear hatch power lock fails to consistently open with remote in cool-cold weather, but works in warm-hot weather. Replaced motor unit, but problem not fixed.. appears to involve extension arm running from motor to lock.. access not possible.

2003 long road trip... severe stalling problems on highway.. found to be due to 'cheap' gas (85 octane).. lesson = don't use cheap gas in Montana!

General Comments:

Vehicle has served us well despite problems listed above. Like the space and adaptable configuration. Has been used, however, in limit manner around the city and on infrequent road trips, so a heavier user should be wary.

Gas mileage of the 3.3 L is also higher than normal for this size engine.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2004

17th Aug 2004, 10:52

We have a 1996 Plymouth Voyager purchased new in May 1996. It now has over 132000 miles on it. We have had several of the problems in the referenced review, mainly (1) electrical problems of wiper, panel lights (ABS, airbag) on, other - fixed free by replacing clock spring; (2) right side door not locking/unlocking electrically; (3) stalling due to "bad gas" (or something). Also automatic transmission replaced twice.

Otherwise, want to keep it longer.

8th Apr 2005, 19:31

Addition to initial review:

2004 Rear door lock works fine in warmer weather, but frequently does not open, despite lubrication, in cold weather... not convenient, to say the least when it's below -10 C.

2005 Left-side sliding door rear electronic door lock mechanism broke. Same problem as right-side door a couple of years ago. The lug/tab connecting the electric solenoid plunger to the lock mechanism snapped off through normal use. This problem, on the basis of experience now, appears to be a design flaw with the 1996 lug/tab strength.

28th Dec 2005, 16:22

I own a 1996 Plymouth Voyager SE. I have replaced 3 computers, one transmission, 4 windshields, one power steering assembly, rear door latch asssembly, and had the main wiring harness replaced. I could understand failures do to wear and tear, but not to the imperfections of the parts.