19th Jan 2010, 20:24

I have a Plymouth Grand Voyager SE "Rallye" edition bought in Dayton Ohio on February 13, 2007. I STILL have this van, and refuse to part with or junk it! Right now I need a little front end work, a new AC condenser, and another transmission. Even with a laundry list of major and minor repairs to be done, I cannot complain one bit.

After all, I bought it USED, and this green "757" has "flown" me in style and comfort from Dayton Ohio to Fort Lauderdale, FL. In November of 2007, I drove it to New York JFK (Far Rockaways). During the frigid first months of 2008 it has transported me all over Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Long Island areas. Spring of 2008 it saw FIVE round-trips from JFK airport area to Cape Cod. The transmission started going out in August 2008. Even after that it's still somewhat drivable for a few miles round trips locally until the transaxle is replaced.

After all that, I cannot whine and complain. The body and interior was in good to excellent condition. In the spring of 2009 I completely cleaned, re-conditioned and repainted all the interior trim panels and replaced the cloth seats with nice form fitting leather seats from another salvaged van. The idler pulley on the 3.3 engine has shot bearings, but otherwise runs very strong. The minivan had 181,304 miles when I bought it. As of 1/20/2010 it has 194,204 on the odometer. Not bad for a van with the original powertrain, when I have heard they usually go out before the clock ticks 100k!

So I got double the average.

I baby and kid glove the hell out of my ride. I accelerate very slowly and time the stops accordingly. Like an airline pilot, I know how to "power" manage for the best fuel economy and hypermile when I can. Sometimes I can squeeze close to 27MPG. Change oil regularly and rotate tires, and is garaged kept. Hell, I only drive my van during the spring, summer, and autumn days and very rarely is driven in the winter, and only when its absolutely dry, and no snow, salt and sand is present on the roads.

I'm still going to keep it and have the transmission replaced, the engine worked on, rack and pinion replaced along with the power steering pump, a high output alternator (for the entertainment system, and graphic display modules) and a new AC condenser. I have a garage here that will do the work for a very decent price and the AC work I will do myself. So big $$$$ savings! After the important stuff is done, will drive it to Bridgewater MA to have it painted at a reputable shop.

Nothing beats this van as far as versatility. Right now I'm installing a custom Kenwood system that really kicks with surround sound, 2 amps 6 regular LCD video screens, 1 USB-based sunvisor touchscreen with carput-er installed with WIN XP. Mood lighting along the windows, lighted cup holders and storage compartments and a burl wood covered custom center console to control the entertainment system... WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?!?

I will spring for a used 2008 or 2009 Chrysler Town and Country touring in about 4 or 5 years from now, and yes, I will STILL be driving the green "757"


A very satisfied and happy mopar minivan owner.