14th Oct 2001, 23:11

The timing belt should be replaced at every 64,000 miles, or the belt could snap and bend the valves. This is a huge problem, so if you buy one of these cars, make sure the belt has been replaced, or make sure you replace it soon. I bought mine for $750 us dollars, and the lower half of the engine was shot, but the head was rebuilt. If I hadn't rebuilt the engine myself, I would have had to spend more then the car was worth too. But if you got skills and tools, then get a cheap one and work on it yourself. It really saved me a lot. I now have a car with a brand new engine for $1150 us dollars.

4th Oct 2002, 13:47

I also own a laser in the 5 months that I owned it I have put 1) new engine

2) new transmittion x2

3) all new brake

This is not counting the mods I have done.

To make a long story short it cost me $5000 in 5 months and I'm feed up.

26th Jan 2003, 14:19

I also own a 91 laser and I have had nothing but problems! Right now it won't start or turn over. I just replaced the alternator belt 4 times now and 2 alternators! It pings like crazy, when it runs that is. I have extensive oil and antifreeze leaking. I paid 1000 us dollars and have put over 1000 into it! but for the first 5000 miles I drove I loved it and am still dealing with the fact that she might have to go to junkyard heaven!

10th Apr 2003, 12:24

I have had my Laser for a mouth now and the transmission when out. For a new Transmission is all most as much as I paid for the car. I love the car it handles very well and it is quick, but It has a blind spot. The back seats are not very big. The hatchback does it stay up. But anyways I love the car.

6th Jun 2003, 08:22

I have a 1993 Laser RS Turbo. I've had it for a year and driven it 9000 miles. It now has 132,000 miles on it. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada where the temperature drops to as low as -35 F. Soon after buying it the water pump went. I fixed it myself for $60. It was a big job. The shop wanted $500 for parts and labor. Other than that I have had no problems. The key to these cars is regular maintenance and obtaining knowledge. There is a large amount of information on the net. Just type in the key word DSM (Diamond Star Motors) and you will see what I mean. This car has been the most fun car, for the money, that I have ever owned.

23rd Jun 2004, 11:01

I have owned a 1992 Laser since 1997. It was my grandmother's car-- I'm serious! It only had 13 000 km. Now it has 93000 km. I found that even with the low km, it seems to be falling apart. The hatch doesn't stay up, the plastic things to cover bolts/screws have all fallen off, the driver side window doesn't roll up all the way (you have to get out and push on the window so it goes in the track), the plastic strip on top of the back window flew off while I was driving down the freeway, on and on and on... It gets great mileage, but I think it is time for a new car.

19th Jul 2004, 12:53

I found for the windows, it's not the motor, but the friction of the felt and the window that dries out. Spray a little spray on silicon ($4 spray can) in the window grooves every 6 months or so and it works well. My back hatch hydraulics have gone out too, but I just prop it open with my ice scraper next to the hydraulic when I open it. Great car.

20th Jun 2005, 13:26

LOL! yeah, such great cars, but they fall apart so quickly! LOL! that's what you get for buying plymouth. I got a 88 z24 AND it has 132xxx MILES on it, not a single problem with her. engine doesn't burn any oil. great car.

1st Jun 2006, 00:30

I have had my Laser for 6 years, second owner, 50,000 miles at purchase (120,000 now). I have replaced the: alternator, timing belt (2X), Engine twice under warranty (because of the timing belt), turbo, Clutch (2X), tires (4X), rear brakes, front suspension, radiator, and valve gaskets.

Regardless of all of these expensive items, along with regular maintenance and oil changes, this car is well worth the money I paid for it. I could have bought a new car for as much as I have put into it in maintenance (all mechanic installed for warranty purposes) ; however, I LOVE this car so much I will keep going until I can pass it down to my kids, when I have one.

I have the turbo, AWD RS version, live in Wisconsin, and I tell you, it starts up like a champ, relatively reliable (if you listen to your DSM, you will know when something is wrong before it goes wrong!), and it's awesome in the snow-regardless of how deep it is (you can parallel park in a snow drift, I've done it).

Yes, the car is a pain and very expensive to maintain, but if you take care of it, it will be a joy to drive for years to come. I will never trade it in, sell it, or junk it, regardless of any problems. But as a word of warning: if you don't have the cash to put into it, roadside assistance, and/or a second car, this car is NOT for you. Best case scenario is to buy it from a reputable dealership and purhcase the extended warranty for at least 1 year/12,000miles. Make sure the timing belt has been replaced! If they're not sure when it was replaced, replace it! It may be expensive, but it will save you over $5000 if you replaced it at a dealership.

This car can be modded or left stock. Let me tell you, the stock turbo AWD version is by no means slow! An intake and exhaust adds so much to the tune of the engine that I stopped there (especially since it cost so much for everything else).

13th Oct 2008, 20:54

I just bought my 1993 Plymouth Laser 1.8L Opt. Turbo, but no turbo installed at the moment... $1000 for... I think 123,000 miles. I love the handling, the acceleration, not-so..it's pretty subpar, to be honest. Personally, the only thing I've had to replace in the month I've had it is the... pretty sure it was the alternator belt, and that was relatively cheap, as I had it fixed by a good mechanic ;) (my dad) aside from all that, I think the car's a great car, and could possibly do some good after mine gets some TLC.

31st May 2009, 08:26

I have had my Plymouth Laser 1993 RS non turbo for 13 years, and never turned a bolt on it. Drove it like a race car, nothing but good luck, it was my first car and I keep it put up. I am back driving it now... I love it!!!

1st Jun 2009, 07:41

"...that's what you get for buying plymouth. I got a 88 z24..."

This one made my day - a guy with a Cavalier ragging on Plymouth owners... The pot calling the kettle...

25th Aug 2009, 19:02

I own a 1993 Plymouth Laser 2.0 Liter non-turbo for the past two years, and since then it has been a great car, until this past week. I noticed that my harmonic balancer went bad because the pulley that is on it slide right off. When I took that off, I noticed the balancing shaft belt was broke. Now in a repair manual I have it says I have to drop the motor out to replace it. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any shortcuts I can take instead of dropping the motor. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had any ideas, other than buying a new car.