1998 Plymouth Neon Expresso Sport from North America


I love my Neon and she is here to stay


I have never had anything major happen with my car. She has been very reliable and never troublesome. Neons have a bad reputation when it comes to head gasket problems, but from my experience, I can say that I have never had any of those problems. My Neon is excellent on gas and is very fast. I have beaten a Mustang, Camero and a Mercedes with my little Neon.

General Comments:

I have formed an extremely close bond with my car and I wouldn't trade her in for any car (not even a 911 Porsche which I had the opportunity to). I have reached 84,000 miles with my car and from the looks of it, I will have her for a very long time. Every mechanic says she is in excellent condition, even though I race her all the time, drive like a maniac, and even take my car offroading!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

1998 Plymouth Neon Highline 4 cylinder from North America


A pretty good bargain for a beginner's car


My battery went dead. The car has a loud wind speed when going at high speeds. The engine is loud.

General Comments:

This is my very first car, and I have to I have to say that my Neon is very reliable. I travel back and forth to work and school seven days a week, and it hasn't stood me up yet. It is very comfortable inside, and looks nice outside, too.The steering wheel doesn't start shaking at incredibly high speeds. The car is also very quick.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

1998 Plymouth Neon Espresso 2.0 DOHC from North America


Speedy performer that's a good bargain. Wish it had a longer warranty.


The head gasket blew at around 50,000 miles, but the dealership replaced the entire thing for free.

Still has it's original timing belt, though I'm changing it out tomorrow.

The stock windshield was extremely brittle and had a warped distorted area near the lower middle of the windshield. When a rock hit it, the glass repairman said that if I'd been in an auto accident I would have had glass shards throughout my entire car.

Replaced brake pads at 40,000 miles. The mechanic said my rotors were very worn down, but I opted to not replace them at that time and they have been functioning fine for the past nearly 52,000 miles.

Stock tires wore out very quickly and were constantly becoming unbalanced. Have replaced them with tires that are actually cheaper, and are rated better all around, without any of the balance and wear problems.

A/C recycle vent is damaged or partially blocked somehow. When you place air on recycled it sounds as if a plastic bag is flapping in the wind inside the vent. Also, air flow is greatly reduced. So I keep air only on outside air.

Car rattles only slightly more than at purchase.

Windows whistle and sometimes require quick roll down and then back up to reduce the noise. They didn't do this initially, but became progressively worse over the first 2 years... but haven't gotten worse since.

Has had a very mild transmission leak since around 40,000 miles... but haven't repaired it as of yet.

Currently has a major oil leak (not the head gasket though) which is going to be looked into this week. Started last week after an oil change and I suspect it might be a plug or filter not fitted correctly.

Window tint gets pretty good scratches on the inside about an inch wide... apparently from something in the door. Both front side windows have the problem. Even after changing out the tint it came back. Both of my Neon's have had this problem.

General Comments:

Love the performance of this vehicle.

Tight steering and handling.

Slightly rougher ride than I'd like... but does have the sports suspension not the touring suspension. I prefer performance over comfort.

Breaking is pretty decent... though could be a bit better.

Will get all disc anti-lock breaks next time. I had them in my last car and can tell the difference.

Interior is a bit noisy at freeway speeds.

Acceleration is very nice... even at freeway speeds.

Seats are somewhat uncomfortable for distance driving.

This baby needs a longer warranty... maybe 70,000/7 year warranty.

Should change from timing belt to timing chain. For longevity.

Should add window frames for noise reduction.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003