15th Jun 2001, 21:45

I don't agree with the first comment. The 2 door coupe I have is causing major problems and is a lemon! Chrysler should stand up to their name, if they so have one, and recall all the cars to change the head gaskets to metal. I have a 98 Neon with 39K and it looks like the problem goes back years and hasn't been resolved yet.

The speedometer has also gone on it and has to be replaced by a transmission specialist. This plastic piece "speedo gear" is hard to get to and and very expensive. I'm extremely unhappy with this car and will endure until all issues are resolved.

19th Jan 2002, 23:45

First of all, head gaskets are NEVER metal, they are actually made of cardboard and are sealed with a gasket compound. Don't believe me? Read a Chiltons manual. Gaskets are cheap as hell and depending on the car, easy to replace. It's the labor that gets you. Do it yourself if your warranty is gone, Go Get a Chiltons, honestly.

Second, it's a Chrysler, it's crap. They stopped making good cars in the 80's with the K Series and every other manfacturer made some bad cars then.. But every other manufacturer corrected themselves except Chrysler.. New car bodies, same problems..

14th Oct 2005, 17:34

I have a base 1995 Dodge/Plymouth Neon sedan that's 10 this year with a great birthday. There has been absolutley no engine problems.

There is a flaw in the the clear coat in the paint though, a lot of damage has occured as a result of bad paint in '95.

All of my interior roof lining material has come down leaving me to look at ugly yellow foam. Other than that and the once a week fill up on steering fluid and an incompetent gas meter, everything else is wonderful.

This car has never cut off by itself or had to go in the shop. It is an excellent vehicle at just over 129,500 miles its still got a powerful punch when I hit the gas pedal!My Neon rocks!!

25th May 2006, 21:35

Agreed with the first comment. I have a Neon with 233,000 miles on its first engine, and it still has more than enough power to beat the crap out of any other 4 banger and some smaller V-6s. Oh, and that's without any modifications.