1983 Plymouth Reliant Wagon 2.2 2bbl from North America


Slow and cheap


Rear brake lights have needed repair 5 times.

Tires replaced at 56000.

Tailgate hatch support failed when purchased.

Constant carburetor trouble throughout ownership.

Very mildly leaking coolant.

Provided a home for birds due to it's roomy engine bay.

General Comments:

Was a very rare find for the mileage. The car is very dependable (at this mileage) and has never abandoned me. However I have had nothing, but trouble with the carburetor, running too fast while warming up or too slow while at operating temperature. Applying full throttle at a stop results in a nearly stalled position, almost killing me several times making left turns at intersections. The engine produces about 93 horsepower approximately. With the 3 speed auto it makes for a very sluggish car and performs very poorly. This car is really only faster than semi's and buses. I do get an acceptable 25 miles to the gallon even while driving pretty hard. When fully warmed up this car does like to get a lot of gas and sounds pretty impressive (though not). You can go at decent speeds in this car if you push it a little harder than your average car. I use mobile 1 in this car like I do with all of my cars and it runs very smoothly. If you can find one like mine with very low mileage and don't mind putting up with it's performance then you may be very pleased with it's running costs.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2007

1983 Plymouth Reliant wagon 2.6 hemi from North America


The most reliable car I've ever owned. Honestly


Had to replace the front brake pads and turn the rotors right away (about 30CDN for the pads and 30CDN to turn the rotors)

Hatch struts were worn and wouldn't hold the wagon door open, never bothered replacing it... a stick did the trick.

Hatch lock wouldn't catch...5 bucks and 5 minutes in a wrecker solved that problem.

Puff of blue every once in a while when on first start-up.

General Comments:

I have only the best things to say about this car. I bought it for 320 bucks Canadian when my S10 blew the motor and it was supposed to last me a month or so 'til I rebuild the S10. I ended up moving across the province with it, and keeping it for the winter as a winter driver. Then sold it to a good friend of mine (normally never sell cars to friends). Between the two of us we got well over 20,000 hard-earned kms out of it. We moved with it numerous times, drove it across the province tons of times, beat it up on logging roads and messed around with it in snowy parking lots. It took it all in stride and came back for more. Gas mileage wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't horrible either. After I changed the front pads/turned the rotors (regular maintenance) we did absolutely NOTHING to the car. Not even oil changes. I'm a writer for a magazine and even spent nights in the back when I had to cover races and coudln't afford a motel room. My friend ended up trading it for a laptop and last we heard it's still soldiering away. Out of the 9 cars I've owned, it's the most reliable.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006

1983 Plymouth Reliant 2.2L from North America


What, I can have it for free? Hahaha, no way and no thanks


Serious idle problems since the day the car rolled off the lot.

Front wheel bearings replaced 25,000.

Roof rusted through by front windshield 30,000.

Exhaust system rusted through 18,000, 30,000 and 40,000.

General Comments:

Although it was reliable enough not to leave you stranded it took a good deal of effort to get you where you were going.

Since the day it came home it had idle issues. With the A/C on it had trouble idling and you had to keep your foot on the gas slightly to keep it from stalling. In the rain, it was the same thing. Come to a red light and she stalled. If you floored her from a stop under any condition she would stall.

These issues were brought back to the dealer numerous times and never resolved.

The exhaust system rusted through three times on this car.

The car could not maintain speed going up large hills with the A/C on or the family.

This car needed constant maintenance and was well maintained while we owned it.

The stereo got poor reception, the handling was floaty and light, the car leaned heavily around turns and the rear-end was squirrelly.

Performance and Plymoth Reliant mix as well as oil and water. Flooring it from a stop resulted in the engine stalling. Factory specs says 14 seconds to 60, this is two seconds faster than my 1938 Buick Special. Though it feels much slower.

The seats were comfortable. Bench seat up front which allowed the car to fit 6. Tight for adults, fine for children. Held up well in one minor accident.

After owning this car I will never own another Chrystler built car.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2005