1987 Plymouth Reliant LE 2.5 liter from North America


A very reliable, plain looking car


Replaced the battery a month after I bought it. I accidentally left the lights on.

Recently replaced the thermostat. The car started running hot.

Steering column is loose.

Poked a hole in the left rear quarter panel by pushing the lug nut wrench through it.

Left front turn signal lens was broken when I bought it.

Hole in the muffler that I haven't fixed yet.

General Comments:

Very reliable.

Does great on gas. I average around 20 MPG.

Not very quick on acceleration.

Comfortable ride.

Pretty plain looking car.

The name says it all!

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Review Date: 24th December, 2013

11th May 2014, 16:54

The 2.5 engine is fantastically durable for a non-pushrod engine. We used to run them in a small fleet of Plymouth Acclaims as taxi-cabs during the 1990s (bought them from rental car companies). They ran up into the 250k mile mark or so with no problems. Not quite as durable as the slant-six Dodge Diplomat fleet the Acclaims replaced, but good for a 'modern' front-wheel-drive car.

1987 Plymouth Reliant LE 2.5 liter from North America


It's the best Grandma car around


Tires were replaced at 27,000 miles.

Ceiling interior has become unglued at 30,000 miles.

The driver's side door has had some problems, which includes the following:

- The door dropped.

- Two hinge spring bolts broke off.

- Top door hinge fell out.

- Broke a key in the key socket.

The temperature gauge just stopped working at 30,000 miles.

The ignition modulator (I think that's what it was) was replaced because the car would stop randomly and then wouldn't start (happened at around 27,000 miles).

Broke a key in the steering column at 36,000 miles.

General Comments:

I got this car from my Great Grandma when she passed, and was surprised when I found out that the car had 26,000 original miles on it! Thought I just scored myself a practically brand new car!

After I had the chance to drive it around after it had been sitting for 15 years, I started to run into the problems I listed above. Fortunately, parts are cheap for this car, and it's mechanically very simple.

The car handles very well with its power steering, great visibility, and good turning radius. It's not the peppiest car that I've driven, if you're looking for a performance car. Shocks are horrible!!! (Apparently though there was a recall for shocks back for this car back in the late 1980's)

The interior is really comfy. It can fit 6 people and there's a lot of trunk space to my surprise! The only complaint I have is that there isn't a lot of head room for anyone 6' tall. A/C works great. Speakers can be replaced. The front dash speakers vibrate like crazy for me, so I've adjusted the stereo to primarily play in the back of the car.

A full tank can get you 200-250 miles no problem, and I get around 22 miles to the gallon. (Not as good as my Chevy Metro getting 33 mpg, but since it has power steering and good A/C, unlike my last car, I've been able to deal with it).

It maybe a standard box car, but the overall body design for the car is alright (especially since I have a baby blue coupe... the car looks close to sexy... but not quite... it's a grandma car, no matter how you look at it.)

Good first car considering that it handles well, doesn't go too fast, parts are cheap, and it's simple mechanically speaking. (Grab yourself a Hayne's Auto Mechanic Book, and you're good to go!)

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Review Date: 25th July, 2010

25th Jul 2010, 22:46

"A full tank can get you 200-250 miles no prob and I get around 22 miles to the gallon. (Not as good as my Chevy Metro getting 33 mpg but since It has power steering and good A/C unlike my last car...I've been able to deal with it)."

If you only got 33 MPG out of a Metro, you must drive your cars HARD. Metro's are well known for getting MPG's well into the 50's. I haven't even been able to get my Toyota Corolla (a larger and more powerful car than the Metro with a bigger engine) to get gas mileage as low as 33. No matter where I drive, the lowest I've gotten is 35 MPG. The highest is 40.

27th Jul 2010, 14:54

Wonderful cars, and I particularly liked that you mentioned about the outward vision issue. I love the older cars with the large windows, low dash, and fairly high or upright seating position - you can see out so well! 'Big greenhouse' I think some auto-mags call it.

Also as you mention these had a nice tight turning radius, very important for daily use.

28th Jul 2010, 09:37

Lift the sagging door when you use it. Lube the locks and hinges. Engine flush, oil, coolant, brake fluid etc Tires dryrotted no doubt. I have very low mileage cars, and still drive 20 minutes twice a month to avoid the seals going. I use to ride in an Aries; slow but fine, on the long highway trips.