1988 Plymouth Reliant K 2.2L from North America


Built like a tank, will it ever die?


Paint is beginning to fade.

The usual maintenance, brakes, tires, that's it.

General Comments:

This thing is a tank. It just won't die. I've literally been driving the hell out of it for well over a year, and I can't kill it. I've even got a 2000w stereo in it, and the alternator is still good. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, has gone wrong with this car. If it wasn't so ugly, and slow, it might be a good car. The thing is a tank though, you can't kill these things.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2001

17th Jun 2001, 14:28

Oh my Lord you put 400 000 km's on it?

That's really good. I'm impressed.

16th Jan 2002, 16:26

Hm, built like a tank huh? I used to have one of these tough little cars and though they do withstand pretty much everything, it didn't withstand a 16 year old. My dad gave me the one we had which was my grandma's and her mother-in-law's before that. I loved the thing from the start. Then I lost control one day while trying to pass another car and ran it into a house. Thus bringing my poor reliant to it's resting place. Now I've been searching for yet another one.. these things are good on gas and have barely anything to fix. So yes, built like a tank they are, but don't push your luck and run tanks against towers : (

23rd Feb 2004, 21:42

400 000 miles? The Plymouth Reliant was only built for a max of 140 000 miles. I am very surprised you attained such a great load of mileage.

24th Feb 2004, 07:21

That's 400K KILOMETERS, not miles. Equivalent to approx. 248K miles. Most cars built in last 15 years can make it to 200K with basic maintenance.

Where did you get your information that the Reliant was "only built for a max of 140k miles"?

31st Dec 2004, 08:51

Built for only 140,000 miles? Better not tell mine that lasted for over 100,000 more than that...

9th Aug 2005, 00:23

Built for 140,00m never. Mine has 408,000km. The motor knocks loudly now, but still runs great! It was probably a ford that was only to last 140,000m.

21st Feb 2006, 07:23

This car is a beast. I have only had it for 6 months and it doesn't run that well, but it still kicks! I've hit 3 garbage cans and a guard rail at 20 mph and she just bounced off and kept on going! The only bad thing about it is the paint is fading, the trunk rattles when I turn up the volume on my 10 inch sub woofer, and my heat doesn't work!

1st Jul 2010, 13:09

My 88 Reliant K has bigger tires on the front than back. Is this correct?

1988 Plymouth Reliant K 2.2L v4 from North America


A 4 cylinder tank!!!



OK I bought the car for $600 from this guy. I get it home and drive it for a week and look into the radiator to see why it was getting hot. And the thing was BONDO'd together, and leaking badly...

Let that go for a few weeks and still drove it around...

Fixed the radiator.

Found out the heads were blown and had been for months... Still drove it...

Also found out the block was cracked...


Still need a new exaust system.


It's noisy.

Other than that, nothing really.

General Comments:

OK I really hate this car cuz I'm 21 and I feel like a complete loser driving it, but I will say this. I don't doubt that I could drive this car off a cliff and it still get up and run... The car is indestructable...

So I give it much props...

If you have around $600 and just want a little car to get in and drive as hard as you can, or have a kid. Insurance on these are low.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

19th Aug 2001, 22:54

I am 20 years old with an 1988 Plymouth Reliant K car and I sort of agree with the comments mentioned. It gets me where I am going and then some. I am very pleased with my service from the car (knock on wood).

Except for a few rust spots here and there it retains a pretty decent body. It has great acceleration for a 2.5 4 cylinder engine. The engine was rebuilt before I bought the car.

I have hit gigantic potholes, scraped the bottom of the vehicle, and have gotten it hung up on many occasions and the car runs like nothing has ever happened. I have enjoyed my K car experience. Good luck to all of the rest of the K car owners!!!