1988 Plymouth Reliant LE 4 cylinder from North America


Good, reliable transportation


Brake lines replaced at 65,000 miles.

Paint on the roof only is starting to peel.

General Comments:

My family has owned the car from day one.

I hope it lasts another 10 years.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2011

7th Aug 2011, 19:29

This is how real Americans should live.

Just drive the car about 4,000 miles a year while raising your family on good old values.

Lee Iacocca was a good man. Every other leader of Chrysler has been a sniveling corporate stooge. Oh it pains me to think that our good people who had fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam are having to suffer through financial responsibility and automotive promiscuity.

You are the defender of a dying social order, and I will stand behind with you along with those who put America first!

10th Aug 2011, 13:34

"automotive promiscuity"?

Isn't that caused by putting reclining seats in cars?

1988 Plymouth Reliant K Chrysler 2.2 four cylinder from North America


One of the most reliable cars I've had the pleasure of owning


Nothing major has gone wrong with the good old Reliant.

Just the normal maintenance, and it seems like it will run forever.

There is a little rust on the car, but is barely noticeable.

A bolt came loose in the front left headlight, so the headlight shakes.

General Comments:

This has been one of the best cars my family and I have ever owned.

It has been so reliable, with no major things going wrong with it.

It is very comfortable and economical.

I would by another in a heartbeat, but this one doesn't seem to want to die.

The only complaints I have are that it doesn't have much power, and can be a bit slow to get up to speed, and the sound system could be nicer (but it is a 88 Plymouth, so I'll let it slide).

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Review Date: 21st August, 2010

1988 Plymouth Reliant LE 2.2 Liter from North America


Hopefully, will live up to its name!!!


Car is idling slightly rough.

Replaced air and fuel filter.

Having tune-up done today.

Did a radiator flush and fill.

General Comments:

Bought the car a week ago form a mechanic with 59,000 original miles.

He replaced the head gasket, timing belt, thermostat, and water pump.

Owned by a little old lady that must have just drove it to the store and church.

Body is very clean. No noticeable rust. Paint is two-tone maroon and bronze.

Has added satellite antenna and receiver. Original radio works fine.

Interior is very clean too.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2008

1988 Plymouth Reliant LE 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


A good car for most anyone to have


Transmission was rebuilt, not by any fault of my own.

Radiator has been replaced.

Seems to have a problem with stalling out every winter, and the problem is new all the time.

Persistent oil leak.

General Comments:

It's a great car to own; the ride is very comfortable and gets great gas mileage.

I also like the fact that it's fairly easy to work on, given that it is kind of an older car.

The seats make it tough to carry around a lot of people, so I wouldn't advise having one if you've got a family of big and tall people.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2006

1988 Plymouth Reliant le 2.5 from North America


Very tough and yet a piece of crap - I'm still confused


Frost plug.

A/C evaporator coil (new system r-134a)

General Comments:

Do I or Don't I spend more money on it?

Even with only 64000 km I still am unsure about spending on it.

Seems reliable after 18 years.

I do not clean it.

It does get rustproofing (Krown).

Relatively quiet.

Always starts.

Looks like a Grandmother car.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2006

1988 Plymouth Reliant LE 2.5 4 cylinder. from North America


Long Live the K!


The only thing that went wrong with my K wagon was the radiator. It had a hole in it and I replaced it with a radiator from a junkyard. That's it!

General Comments:

For being a wagon and a 2.5 it had pep. I drove it on I-95 every day from NJ to MD and drove about 80 each time. It handled it like a charm!

I put almost 30,000 miles on it in less than a year, much of it driving from NJ to WV multiple times. I had to coax it up mountains, but was great otherwise.

I would still be driving it if someone hadn't pulled out in front of me, totaling it.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2004

24th Oct 2004, 02:22

Hello guys.

All of what I've read about the 1988 Reliant sounded fun and inspiring. I saw a 1988 Reliant LE 4dr Sedan with 45k miles, PS/PB, cold AC, stereo, just polished, non smoker, and sharp Blue finish. Private seller's price is $1,575 and Kelly's Blue Book value was $575. Is this a bargain?