1990 Plymouth Sundance Hatchback turbo from North America


Nothing as good on the market today


The front end had to be replaced, which the dealer did under warranty. This problem caused the front end to shake violently while backing up especially backing up-hill.

The fan belt broke and for the life of me I could not figure out how to install the new one that the auto store swore was the correct one. I had it towed back to the dealer only to discover that the fan belt touches the bell like pulley on the inside and doesn't actually go around it, like most American cars. I guess it has a little British ingenuity built into it. Only cost me a tow and an hour at the dealer to learn this!

The paint is falling off. I have seen this on most of the cars from 1990 - 1995. Also living in Colorado has not helped much. Still I love my 1990 Sundance and will not let it go. So it's two tone now. <smile>

The dealer has sworn that he is going to have my Sundance stolen and salvaged. He offered me $500 dollars for it two years ago, but that's about the same as my wife's payments on her new Caravan. He says I am killing him and his used car business. My son and I are looking at a new (to us) 1992 Sundance even as I write this. This is the best car I have ever had. I like it even better than the Land Rover my company had me drive. (I do miss the heated seats!)

The hatchback door pumps have failed, but that seems to be standard on all the Sundance's. I too have the rear hatch "stick". I bought some new pumps, but have not installed them yet.

I had my first blow out on the left back tire. I had never even bothered to find the spare tire and didn't know if I had a jack. Sure enough, inside the truck was the spare tire and jack. It was still full of air. It had been waiting 15 years for me to need it, and there it was ready to go! Cute little tire.

General Comments:

I really love the Plymouth Sundance. I plan to keep it until it falls apart or I do. I am buying another one for my son and will be looking all over for a third one for my second son in a year. (They pay for them, I just approve them and work the deal.)

I too have kicked butt with this car on the highway using the turbo. This care is cheap on gas and tires. I do recommend changing oil every 3 months. I have changed my oil every 3 months and it's sitting in the parking lot outside right now! I will drive it home tonight.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

27th Jun 2006, 22:16

I'm happy to hear how much you love your Sundance. They truly are great little cars and are an excellent value for how much you have to spend on them and how reliable they are in return. Since you like the Sundance so much, have you considered the Plymouth Acclaim/Dodge Spirit? With the same powertrain, it's equally a great cheap car and I'm talking from experience. It's like a slightly larger Sundance. The build quality is identical and drives exactly the same. Definitely worth considering one.

1990 Plymouth Sundance 2.2 from North America


Cheap reliable first car


The Odometer in the car is broken, so I have no idea how many miles it has been driven.

The seats are sun spotted, but I don't care that much.

The AC system was dead when I bought it, but I am looking at a $50 fix. (Freeze12 and self labor)

General Comments:

The car is great. I have owned it for a week and a half, and despite the fact that someone hit it during the 4th day (the car was parked) I am still very happy with it. The steering wheel seems like it always needs to be moved up or down, though. The back seats are mainly a joke, I guess they could be used, but only for short drives. My dog is seemingly the only one that does not mind the space, considering I am 6f 2I and the seat has to be all the way back for me to drive comfortably. The trunk space is allright, but the spare tire cover is made out of pressed cardboard, and when I got mild water damage, it severely warped the trunk's floor.

With gas prices as they are now, the tiny tank is great. Being 17, I can actually afford to fill my tank all the way, costs me about $20.50.

For my first car, and $750, I think it was a great buy.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004