1990 Plymouth Sundance RX 2.5 turbo from North America


High erformance bargain and its true


The power steering pump did not work when I got the car.

The spark plugs needed to be replaced.

The turbo has failed to work after like 73000 miles and have not attempted to repair it.

The suspension needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

This car is sweet to drive. This is my first car and she is my baby. I named her Hotrod because she is my demon on wheels. I have had a great time driving this car because it is so cheap to own. I found out that I can mod this car to be a fast 10 sec car in a 1\4 mile race. With cheap modifications, I can beat Corvettes and mustangs in a 1\4mile!!! I can't believe it. I am not going to mod because I need this car for college, but just knowing I can make me do it when I have anther car to buy. My car is still great on gas even though it is 14 years old, with an average of 18.5 miles to the gallon. My only fear is what part is going to break because the car has very few miles for its age. The car looks great with no rust stains or anything, and I still don't know how my car survived in such great shape.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2004

5th May 2009, 00:33

I have a Sundance RS, and it is a 1990, 19 years old now and it is a great car with very few kilometers on it, only 143000.

Some problems I have had is the cylinder head was leaking (I bought this car and it sat for just under a year), the brakes rusted to the routers and drums. Parking brake cable was stretched from it sitting for so long with the brake on. And just recently the shifting cable broke :( And it was stuck in reverse...

Overall it is a great car, and all that stuff only cost me $800 to fix! So cheap and the car is fast, fast, fast; a fun little standard car.

1990 Plymouth Sundance from North America


This car is cheap and long lasting


The air conditioning needed recharged.

The heater quit working a couple years ago.

General Comments:

I love this car. In the thirteen years that I have owned it, it has given me very few problems.

It is very cheap to run and has plenty of room for a small family.

The interior is now deteriorating and the outside has some rust, but it won't quit running.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2003

1990 Plymouth Sundance 2.5 from North America


Great economical fun car


Replaced transmission at 90k.

Brakes were all replaced.


Normal wear things.

Shocks struts.

Tires, but nothing major besides.


Replace the oil every 3,000 miles or less and you are good to go on these cars.

General Comments:

Nice car, fast for a 4-cyl.

Reliable, not many parts went bad on it.

This was my moms car, but I have recently purchased a 1991 2-door, 5-speed version.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2003

1990 Plymouth Sundance Base 2.5L non-turbo from North America


Cheap and Easy to Fix, I love and miss her!


Rack and Pinion needed to be replaced... involved a lot of swearing and frustration from my brother.

New computer, fortunately, I was able to find one for free and have a family member put it in for me.

Gas tank needed to be replaced because it was all rusty (like the rest of the car).

Needed new calipers and all new brakes- the rear brakes were siezed up- I didn't even know it for a whole year. I just thought the brakes weren't that great.

Needed a new alternator, but I don't think this was necessary- the computer chip was the actual problem.

The hatch was held up with a stick.

My key wasn't needed once the car was started- she drove without the key and turned off without the key.

Air conditioning didn't work.

Rear defrost didn't work.

Trunk taillight didn't work- neither did the cigarette lighter- electrical problem.

Sometimes the guages got stuck and she needed a good smack on the dash.

Tick to the engine.

WAY too rusty, the frame was almost rusted through.

General Comments:

I loved this little car and I miss her so. I was involved in an accident and I ran right into the side of an old man who failed to stop at a stop sign.

The car protected me VERY well and she died with dignity.

The airbag went off! That really surprised me...

The interior of the car was in great shape.

Handled really well.

Quick when you needed her to be.

Crumpled up very well in the accident and the interior wasn't damaged at all.

The engine was the ONLY thing that hasn't given me any problems.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003