1992 Plymouth Sundance 4 cylinder from North America


The car was bought used at an auction and ran great for a few years, minus being slow on hills, but in the past few years has been nothing but a headache. I've had to change the head gaskets twice, multiple oil leaks, tons of changes in relays and wiring, radiator leaks, and so many problems with windshield wiper systems.

The car has never had much ability at climbing hills, but now I can barely make it up a hill, and for such a small engine gas mileage in town is atrocious. I am so glad I am getting rid of this car in a few days; it's just not reliable enough for driving a lot.

The few great things about the car are it is very comfortable and has amazing trunk space for such a small car, and the paint held up well; even after all this time, very few rust spots.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2016

10th Jun 2016, 13:48

The four cylinder 2.2/2.5 has been known as a reliable motor with either automatic or straight drive. The main flaw with that engine is the aluminum head. My father and I both had Dodges with the 2.5 and they went over 250,000 miles. It was never a powerhouse, but my dad's Dodge Lancer did well in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Chrysler electrical has always been a nightmare. We both got 25 MPG in both the Lancer and Caravan. It is a simple and reliable motor that helped Chrysler out of bankruptcy in the 80s.

1992 Plymouth Sundance from North America


One of the best and fun car to drive


Timing belt was changed at 79,000.

Small oil leak but not sure of the location of the leak.

General Comments:

The car had the best A/C.

A real gas saver.

This car was so easy to drive and was very reliable.

Very smooth ride on the highway.

Interior and exterior were pretty sturdy.

When I moved I was able to fit a dresser in the car.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2008

1992 Plymouth Sundance 4 Dr 2.2 Litre from North America


Nice and reliable


• Head gasket - Dealer wanted $550 to fix it do I got the kit ($70) and did it myself, machined the head flat ($80). $150 Total + 1.5 hours.

• Rad leak, had a rad place fix ($230)

• Gas tank strap ($50)

• Tires ($350)

This summer i'll have to work on tranny and brakes.

EST $250.

I paid $1500 for the car, its been great for that amount of money, works good and very reliable.

General Comments:

The stability of the car is rather lacking, when braking the front of the car pulls to the left not sure if there is a brake issue or wheel bearing or what the problem is, will be lookin into that this summer.

It has good pick up, tranny is a big jumpy, but that's to be expected the way I drive.

Great space in the car perfect for 4 and alright for 5 people. Trunk room is amazing, and seats are great too.

Good car all around.

Next car I want a little more power and needs to be a bit newer.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2006

1992 Plymouth Sundance 2.2 liter from North America


Very fun to drive


It runs really rough sometimes when I'm at a stop. It also idles really rough.

The power steering bolt fell out of the back of the engine.

Valve cover gasket use to leak.

General Comments:

This is a great first car. Especially for a learning mechanic.

It is a really reliable.

It's also a very fun manual to drive.

It burns tires a lot better than some of my friends nicer and newer cars.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2005

1992 Plymouth Sundance America from North America


It got me where I had to go most of the time, but it wasn't always a pleasant journey


Never again.

Bought a 1992 Sundance America in 1994, used. Shortly thereafter the head gasket blew (less than 30,000 miles). The dealer fixed. After another thirty thousand or so miles, head gasket blew again. I paid to fix. Now at 98,000 it's on its third head gasket.

I took it to a car wash the first month of ownership and the paint started peeling off hood and top immediately. Dealer said they would not fix for free -- would only "split" the cost with me. Still peeling, now rusting.

It also had three sets of brakes, tires, muffler systems.

I also recently discovered that it has huge rust hole in trunk. How it got enough water in there to cause this I still don't know.

Using the cigarette lighter causes rear signal light to fail. I replaced this three times before I realized the connection.

The windshield washer system never seemed to operate properly. Often will not send out fluid even when plenty there.

General Comments:

This car has had too many peculiar problems that the manufacturer has failed to address to my knowledge. Three head gaskets is too much and the paint problem was not supported by the manufacturer.

To be fair, it has good pick up, usually (seems to deal badly with humidity), air conditioning still works fine, and seats are very comfortable.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005