1992 Plymouth Sundance Duster 6 cylinder from North America


I loved it and don't want to part with it


The car still has the original emergency brake, clutch, transmission, engine, ignition, but the engine failed at 310,000 miles. It was a fantastic car and I wish I could afford to replace the engine. This car was excellent, other than regular maintenance, nothing was ever needed.

General Comments:

This car got good gas mileage and could pass anything, even going uphill. I really thought it would make 350,000 to 400,000 miles. Fantastic is the only word I can think of to describe this car. I loved it and still do.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

1992 Plymouth Sundance 2.2 from North America


It has been a pretty reliable car... no complaints, really


Blew head gasket and cracked the head around 95,000 miles.

Had to replace ALL the censors about 2 months later... almost costing more for these two repairs than purchasing the car! Also informed of radiator problems at this time and opted for a new rather than refurbished one.

Replaced fuel pump about 140,000 miles.

Began having an oil leak and discovered the check spout had became loosened from the motor. Because everything had became so saturated with oil, I had to replace the alternator..

Transmission is good, although leaks fluid occasionally and have to tighten the bolts in the pan. This is probably also do in part to the many country roads I travel.

General Comments:

I like the car and hate to part with it, although I know one day soon I probably will. It handles really well and have never really had any problems with it. Oh, the above ones, but I figure a car is a car and when you buy used, you generally are buying someone else's problems. But, hey, you live and learn. Overall, I cannot really complain as I paid a fair price for the car and it has taken me many, many miles.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2004

1992 Plymouth Sundance America 4 cylinder from North America


Very high performance bargain


My head gasket blew at 120,000 miles.

My timing belt went at 118,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is the best car I have ever owned. Even though it is slow going up hills it's very reliable and I haven't had any major problems with it. I love this little car and I bought it for $1500 dollars it was my first car and I rarely had to put money into it. Only twice. I recomend this car to anyone it's very reliable.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2004

29th Mar 2004, 12:44

Performance is generally attributed to the speed and power of a car, rather than reliability (see reliability column directly below :p). Unless you did actually mean the car is of high performance, while having trouble with hills. lol.

10th Oct 2004, 00:55

The timing belt is supposed to be replaced at 75,000 miles (standard maintenance procedure) so I'd say you did OK with it lasting until 118,000 miles!

1992 Plymouth Sundance America 2.2 from North America


This is the ultimate beater car or first car for a kid


The starter always made noise, but has always worked fine.

After I put my system in it, some of the plastic started to vibrate loose.

When it hit 130000 miles, the engine started to bog down and it lost power.

General Comments:

I have taken my Sundance through more mud and snow than I have ever seen another car go through. I truly believe that my Sundance will outperform any other car off road, with the same amount of tires spinning.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2003

1992 Plymouth Sundance America 2.2 from North America


Should be avoided at all costs


My transmission went at 98,658 miles.

Compression loss at 95,000 miles.

Shocks are gone at 98,658 miles.

The head gasket blew at 42,000 miles.

Had to replace distributor cap twice.

Valves are knocking at 98,658 miles.

Heavy oil leakage at 97,000 miles from many places.

General Comments:

This car is extremely slow and as problems build it, up grinds to a halt. Current 0-60 is timed at 14.7 seconds by a G-Tech and two watches.

The cabin is small and Spartan.

Car has lousy fuel economy for the engine size and weight of the car, averaging at 21 miles per gallon.

Stumbles even while warm, stalls when its cold.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2003

9th May 2003, 11:45

The problems you have all sound like you weren't changing the fluids... Massive oil leaks, valvetrain noise, lost compression, I'll bet there's an inch of sludge in the top of the valve cover and ebony goo in the oil pan.

An automatic transmission (presumably with the factory fluid) lasting 100,000 miles is a good thing with poor maintenance.

Try driving the competitors too... escorts, civics of those years, corollas, they're all smaller inside.