1st Dec 2003, 08:36

I also owned one of these cars, and I agree with your comments. The 2.2l engines are notorious oil leakers, especially the valve cover. It has nothing to do with changing oil or other fluids. Mine had oil leaks from the front and rear main seals, the valve cover gasket, and the oil pan gasket, and I changed the oil religiously every 3000 miles. Also, I used to be a Chrysler mechanic, and the joke was that if you knew how to fix a Chrysler automatic, you never had to worry about having a job. They are notoriously unreliable, especially the 3 speed automatics. I put on 2 head gaskets, and was ready for the third when I decided it was time to retire the car.

21st Mar 2004, 22:02

The front wheel drive Chrysler autos are pretty crappy. But are you joking? The 3 speed is the only GOOD Chrysler FWD auto! Chrysler's 4 speed FWD autos are really bad. But 100,000 without changing the fluid is incredible. This reviewer obviously never gave this car ANY respect and never did ANY maintenance.

7th Oct 2004, 15:01

In defense of the original reviewer, he never said that he didn't replace any fluids. Another reviewer just assumed that.

I stand by my original statement. The 3 speed automatic Chrysler transmissions were bad. Although I agree, the 4 speed automatics were REALLY bad.

8th Feb 2005, 07:43

When he said that it took him 14.7 seconds to get up to sixty. he should try a manual before complaining because automatics are slower accelerating and mine I have been able to beat most 6-cylinders with.

20th Feb 2005, 20:08

You should try driving it up here in north dakota when we hit -30 with out wind chill. my car is a 2.2L and has always started well for me in those conditions.

14th Jul 2005, 13:14

Wow, shocking to read negatives about this little gem.

I loved mine. Very reliable. The only repair I had in the first 60,000 miles was an oxygen sensor that was replaced under warranty by the dealer. Great fun, fast and very economical. I had the manual transmission. It never leaked fluids and ran like a CHAMP. I was very sad to sell.

16th Jul 2005, 17:58

I have a 92 Sun-dance, and I love the car. Just having trouble with the lights at the back, and wiring. It is very cheap to fix as most will tell me. Mine has a just about new everything. I am looking forward to getting it painted.

6th Oct 2005, 22:31

I'm shocked that someone would have so many problems. I drove a 92 and only had a couple of problems towards the very end. This sounds like somebody was not taking very good care of the car to begin with.

18th Oct 2007, 00:36

Are you guys all nuts? The 3 speed is a derivative of the tried and true Torqueflite. I have one in my '92 Voyager and I think it is the best transmission I have had in any car, bar none. 216,000 miles speaks for itself. Wonderful unit. I can't believe there are so many 3 speed haters out there. The only thing I wish for was an overdrive.

Now the 4 speeds are another matter entirely...