1994 Plymouth Sundance 4 Door Hatch from North America


The perfect all around car


Had to have the starter replaced twice (within 3 months and the second time was due to problems with the installation of the new starter)

Car runs amazingly well, but paint job is not great... starting about two years ago, paint is coming of the car in huge flakes. Now it's more primer than paint and is starting to rust.

General Comments:

I think this is the perfect car for the money. I bought it when starting university and it's time to get a new one, but I just can't find a car that compares.

The cargo room is tremendous. I've had everything from a water heater, to desks, to a lazy boy recliner in the back of my car and always been able to close the hatch.

A little underpowered on the highway, great in town and good mileage.

Seats are really comfortable and makes a great car for road trips (unless you have to sit in the back, but I'm the driver so it's not me!)

I have been everywhere and done everything with this little car and if they still made them I would buy another in a heartbeat. For now I'm just working my way to 500,000 KM.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

1994 Plymouth Sundance 2 door hatch from North America


Reliable and lots of cargo space


I bought this car new when I got my drivers license. I cannot say I have had many expensive repairs. I am not even that good a getting the routine maintenance done. Almost all of the cars problems were due to my lack of upkeep. Mostly related to fluid level negligence. I can say the paint job was terrible (electric blue) now it is more rust than paint. The air conditioner stopped working a few years ago, and the felt on the interior roof is falling. If you could get over the aesthetics it is a very good car.

Another thing is the noise under the hood. It has been making loud chirping noises for years on acceleration and idling. I never found anyone who could fix it and maybe I shouldn't at this stage of the game.

General Comments:

This car is wonderful in snow. I love the hatch. It may have more cargo room than any car I know. I fit a whole dresser in there. I also stuffed all my things comfortably in when I went off to college. I will most definitely miss that room in my next car.

I also think for a compact the back seats are roomy. Perhaps not compared to a sedan or SUV, but big for a compact.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2004

1994 Plymouth Sundance Duster 3.0L from North America


With some cash, could be a sleeper


Fuel Filter.

Plug Wires.

Headboard Cloth sagging.

Paint Flaking off in Splotches.

General Comments:

Fun Car for someone that is looking for something with a little pep.

Not enough Power for the size of engine.

Hard to find upgrades for it.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2004

1994 Plymouth Sundance 2-Dr. Hatchback, Base 2.2 4-Cylinder from North America


The little Sundance that could!!


The wheel bearings were shot when I bought the car.

The paint was starting to peel off on the top of the car, but after hitting a deer about a month ago the top was repainted.

The clutch is a little fussy and is harder to be smooth with, as opposed to a hydraulic clutch.

The driver seat is starting to tear by the backrest lever on the left side.

General Comments:

The small 2.2 can really haul when it is attached to the 5-speed manual. It is simple to chirp the tires in second, and possible to do into third.

Handling in this car is great for suspension that has 70,000 miles on it. I can take turns going 65 and not have a worry. I would seriously think about auto-crossing the car if I had the free time.

Gas mileage could be a little better from such a lightweight car with a small engine. I usually get around 28-29 miles per gallon under normal driving.

The cabin of the car is very roomy for a small car, and offers plenty of glass to see out of for your safety.

The parking brake is on the floor and not by the stick, making winter driving less fun.

I have used this car many times to deliver pizzas for Pizza Hut, and it stands up to the abuse very well.

I have heard some bad reviews about these cars, but mine has been great to me after one year and 16,000 miles, it is still a cherry for the $2,900 I paid for it.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2003

19th Mar 2005, 08:27

Re: "I would seriously think about auto-crossing the car if I had the free time." Hi. Come on over to the Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club sometime. Dusters make fun auto-crossing cars. I have auto-crossed my Duster and won a few trophies there. :)