29th Nov 2002, 18:46

You're not alone in hating this car.

Just park in the scrapyard next to the others.

13th Mar 2003, 00:21

We have had the pleasure of owning a 94 duster v6 auto since new - now with 170,000 miles! The car has had a few minor problems over the years, but since I maintain/repair it myself, it has actually been the least expensive and most fun to drive car we have had. I dream about those supposed fast ricers out there, this car can beat many new imports (coffee can exhaust tips make me laugh) off the line, even with the equivalent of two cars worth of mileage under its belt! I am going to try and hit (dare I say) 200,000 miles before even so much as taking a valve cover off. Happy in Wisconsin.

4th Feb 2004, 20:18

I've got a 93 Shadow (same car -- Dodge nameplate) with similar problems.

Car has 140,000+ miles, and has been fantastic -- until about 1 1/2 years ago. In my case, the car will simply not start -- almost at random. After having it towed, something vibrates out of/back into place and -- voila! -- the car starts right up after arrival at the dealership. Replaced the fuel pump and filter twice, have had it back to the dealership several times since. In one case, left it at the dealership for a month and they still couldn't even recreate the problem (so of course they had no chance of solving it). Dealership certainly believes there's an electrical problem, but there seems to be no cost effective way to find it. With the reliability now in serious question, I'm about to part ways with the vehicle.

23rd Mar 2004, 10:55

It's funny the way people complain about the Sundance. My dad bought this car new in '92, and we've made four trips from New Baltimore, MI to Staples, MN without any problems. Once in a while the engine will die on a back road, but only if going over 95 mph. I was recently given this car, and I love it. It has no problems shifting gears and the clutch is original. It has over 155,000 miles on it, and is running great. Nothing has needed to be replaced, but the tires and other normal stuff (oil, etc.). So I have nothing to complain about!

7th May 2004, 08:05

I had just got a 92 Sun Dance the other day. And I love it. It has given me no problems. I like it better than the 2002 Sun-fire I also have. I have nothing to complain about.

17th Jul 2004, 15:57

I just recently purchased a 92 shadow and I must say it is a great car. It was purchased at 245000 KM and now hit

295000 km in 6 months. I find that with this car, as long as you take it easy, don't drive it hard and top the oil up from the slow leak, it will have no problems.

31st May 2005, 17:15

I have a 91 Sun dance with the turbo. It was also cutting out. Found out it was the MAP sensor. Repair shop replaced it and it ran fine. Then about a year later it did it again. Found out that there might be a recall in that area, but have not been able to get a confirmation on that. Replaced it again and ran fine. There's gotta be something there. It also took me forever to find the MAP sensor at the parts store. Kept getting the wrong one and the store couldn't figure it out. Had to call the repair shop to get a part number. Big Headache...