5th Jul 2004, 08:04

Cursed? Haha maybe.. or maybe your just not as good a driver as you think ;) I'd say if you survived the head-on wreck that killed the car it must have been a blessing.

9th Jul 2004, 00:01

Oh yeah... as the writer of this review... I also forgot to mention the master cylinder went out at 51K, the headlights continually burned out, the bumper spontaneously fell off of the car... the car was constantly at the mechanics. I can't even remember HALF the stuff went wrong with it... I mentioned the catalytic converter dropping dead at 58K and the check engine light constantly being on. All that and that's when the car was SEMI-NEW (3-4 years old). Since that car, I have never had another accident, so it CERTAINLY was not my poor driving that caused these problems. I don't know WHAT cause them, except for the fact that people seemingly did not see this car. I had 2 near head-on collisions, 2 rear-endings and 2 miscellaneous occurrences that would take a while to explain.

Also, as far as the accidents... at the time it was totaled, it was valued at $6,050. Each accident prior was in the $3000-$4000 range to repair. This does not detract from the car's value if it's been hit, so just because it's been in 6 accidents, all of which cost more than half the price of the car to repair, doesn't make it a cheaper vehicle to own. It may well have had difficulty functioning due to all the impacts and things may have gone wrong as a result... doesn't mean that the car was a reliable vehicle to own. I'm just saying I owned a death trap of a Plymouth and I hope that nobody auctioned off and repaired the car and sold it to someone else. That one, in particular, has no business being on the road.

14th Jul 2005, 08:50

I'd just like to point out that a car cannot be 'cursed'. I have owned my Plymouth Sundance since it was new in 1994, have driven it over 400,000 km and have yet to have an accident with another vehicle. I did put it in the ditch while driving in 24 inches of snow, however, a plow pulled me out and we kept driving... the car was fine as were the 4 people in it. Your car managed to keep you safe through 6 accidents, and I tend to agree with the other comment that this would be a blessing.

Following maintenance schedules, and good driving can make the Sundance a great little car. It is cheap to fix (if you don't crash it) and good on gas. I love my car and fully intend to drive it to a million km :)