1974 Plymouth Valiant 225 slant 6 from North America


Very reliable and bulletproof


A few specs of rust in the rear quarters.

New brakes.

New carpet, seats.

General Comments:

I bought this car off the original owner a few years ago. It had very low mileage, and it showed.

I have always owned either a Dodge or a Plymouth F Body or A Body, they stand the test of time. There is no doubt in my mind that this engine will outlast the car.

It's not a fast car, but it cruises at 75 comfortably, that's all you need! If you ever want a economical means of transportation, go no further! The engine gets 20 + mpg.

It will definitely outlast any of these Japanese crapboxes they have today. The car is solid, no plastic crap on the body, just a solid legend! But not to be confused with a muscle car, cause it sure isn't that!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

1975 Plymouth Valiant Scamp 225 Slant 6 from North America




Seats are worn, needs new leaf springs.

General Comments:

- The car is great

- It was purchased by my great aunt new in '75

- Driven until she passed away in '89

- Sat for almost 14 years

- After sitting for that long it started on the first try

- Drive it all summer, no problems

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Review Date: 5th March, 2008

7th Jun 2009, 12:26

I had a 1975 Plymouth Scamp, it was blue with a white vinyl roof. 318 v8 engine. It was 7 yrs old when I bought it, and I had it for about 3 years.

It has some minor problems, but over all it was an awesome car, very fast, and very tough, I had many offers from people to buy it once they found out it had the bigger engine, but I never sold it... It went to scrap yard heaven.... MISS IT!!

22nd Mar 2011, 11:41

I gave my daughter at 7 years old a K car for field driving... she had to stand up on the seat to look behind before backing up. She is 19 now, and can drift a car sideways as long as you like today with her is300 Lexus (off road on the race track). I don't worry about her on road driving today, as she understands vehicle dynamics better than most at her age.

1966 Plymouth Valiant 100 225 Slant Six from North America


Fun cheap old toy


Keys were missing when car was picked up.

Crack in exhaust manifold.

Minor rust in rear floor area.

General Comments:

Actually I've owned two 66 Valiant 2 door sedans over the years, so this reveiw will contain comments on both cars.

The Valiant is a great poor mans project car. Lots of Barracuda parts fit: seats, gauges, trim ect.

If you look around there are many upgrades, even of the base slant six, which I have.

This car has an overdrive four speed from a later Aspen, and will be getting disc brakes from a later Dart in the near future.

While the handling was good for a mid sixties car it has been upgraded with front and rear sway bars from one of the big catalog sales firms. These are the best money you can spend on any older car, think about it before starting any hot rod work.

The slant six may be one of the most durable engines ever built. Mine has taken many modifications (4 bbl, headers, head milling) and gives no problems.

Great runner and while not a Mustang, or Challenger, gets lots of looks on the road.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2006

1968 Plymouth Valiant Signet 225 cubic inch slant 6 from North America


An immortal workhorse


I have had no major mechanical problems since I got the car, and it appears it has never had any major work done to it. Someone in the past replaced the voltage regulator with a solid-state one, though.

I've had to replace the rear brakes, the rear left wheel studs (I broke off the old ones not realizing it was reverse thread), and otherwise have done little, but change the oil.

The A/C needs a charge, but works.

I've got some minor rust on the corners of the hood hood and around the windshield, but otherwise the paint is still pretty good elsewhere.

General Comments:

This car is my daily driver, I've put over 3000 miles on it in less than two months.

The slant-6 engine is known for its longevity, and I intend to see if I can wrap 300,000 around it in the coming years.

I bought this car for a grand total of $800 from a fellow who is a frequent customer of my work.

I'm normally a GM kind of guy, but this little friend was just too nice to pass up, it is a classic and yet still an excellent daily workhorse, who gets 20-23 miles to the gallon.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2004

16th Feb 2005, 10:06

I owned the 1969 version with the 170 CI engine, always wished I had the 225, but even so it went 138,000 miles with no problems. The body on the other hand was not great thing, rusting out in the rear quarters and the tops of the fenders (no innerfenders to prevent it). I also had trouble with leaky windshield wiper shaft seal, always had a wet foot during the rain. Great first car, purchased for $1400 in 1973 with 45,000 miles on it. Always got over 21mpg with it, but went through three starters!

6th Aug 2006, 20:48

Checking back in after some time, its not the end of the line for the old Valiant I put the review up on here, but she's not going anywhere for a while. Ate a crank bearing, the engine is currently out and on a stand being rebuilt. The rest of the engine was solid, I figure I could have just gotten away with fixing the bearing, but since I had to pull the whole engine out, might as well give it the once over. Hopefully by the end of winter '06/'07 she'll be back out on the road again. The bearing failed at ~159,000 miles, I believe due to a partial oil pressure loss that went unnoticed as it was not severe enough to activate the oil warning light.

3rd Dec 2006, 01:37

Do you think this car is a good investment? Is the Valiant known as Scamp? Someone in my building is selling there's and I'm looking for a car. I'm trying to do some research, can you help? Thanks.

3rd Dec 2006, 09:32

A valiant is a great car, I would still have my '63 but I was offered way more than I paid for it so away it went. If your looking for only in town transportation its good, not very good hwy car, a little under powered and handling is not the greatest, but in town they are good, very easy cars to work on, and any mechanical part is still readily available, check out the suspension. I can't really say anything else other than take it for a drive and it all depends on the pocket book. You should replace all belts and hoses, spark plugs etc on any older car.,