1979 Plymouth Volare Custom 225 Slant 6 2 bbl from North America


An Old Car With Lots of POWER!!


Bad battery, Suspension system replaced at 47800 miles Wiper bar that connects the drivers side wiper to the passenger side is currently broken. Seats are VERY worn out. Horn stopped working due to the button rotting out. Signal lights and high bean lights in the dash are burned out.

General Comments:

This car is the best car ever!!! Everyone gives me a hard time about it, but I know its true workings. This car has to be the best drivable car out there (that's older) It's a great first car and you can really show those ricers up at school. I have nice rims on mine that really spice it up. Mine is a 4dr, but its still a very good car. I modernized the stereo and am currently looking for some buckets to put in it. Sometimes when your driving you don't notice that your going faster than you should because of all the power in the slant. I would recommend this car to anyone. BEST 300 DOLLARS I've EVER SPENT!!!

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

4th Feb 2004, 22:06

Uhh, unless those ricers you mention are driving mopeds, I don't think a 225 slant 6, even with a 2 barrel carb, is going to be running anyone down.

11th Dec 2004, 10:23

The Volare is a mediocre station wagon. The slant 6 is a very good motor in terms of dependability, but NOT a powerful engine. The Volare Station wagon is relatively heavy so, the power to weight ratio does not lend itself to racing anyone. You will be rather emabarssed if you try race any decent off the shelf 4 cylinder asian made vehicle.

I own a 76 volare S-wagon. It is very ugly and rusted, but dependable. I put rebuilt slant 6 into the thing. I usualy drive my Saturn to work, but will drive this the station wagon on occasion. Now the thing I like is most people will not bother breaking into the vehicle because it's so ugly. I don't worry about shopping carts or other car doors denting the vehicle. I change lanes and use the size of the vehicle to get into traffic. Most of the smaller cars will move out of the way because they have more to lose in a fender bender. (I am not talking about reckless driving).

I drive it for the novelty of it. It is also a car I can work on myself and I know everything about this car because I have worked on just about everything on it. I would not want to work on my Wife's minivan or my Saturn because they are so computerized and complex.

It is heavier and better structural strength compared to smaller Asian cars, but I do not know if it is any safer. Most newer cars are designed to crumple and absorb energy and have passive restraint(airbags). I am not sure how well one would do in a head on in a Volare. I think I would rather be in my Saturn or Minivan than the Volare.