29th Oct 2005, 15:48

I've always loved Mopars and wouldn't bother to consider owning anything else. We had several Volare wagons, all with the Slant-6 "Super Six" and I had a '64 Dodge with a Slant-6, three on the tree. A Volare is a dependable, low-maintenance, long-lasting car with lots of nice little Plymouth touches that showed they cared more than their Ford and Chevy counterparts--and that is why they are so cool. As someone who has driven several Slant 6 cars, I can say that "dependability" is the foremost word that describes them. The words "performance" or "sleeper" or the phrase "get owned" would never come to mind. When I was in high school (nearly 20 years ago), I thought my Slant 6 was pretty fast, too. Then I discovered V-8's. Your 4-door Slant-6 Volare is a good, dependable car and will last a long time if you treat it nice. Why waste your time racing gutless four bangers? You've accomplished nothing when you've beat junk.

22nd Nov 2005, 23:33

First off, if you have a problem with the Volare having a lack of power, as I did, drop a 318 into it, or just buy one that came with the 318. Adds a little more to the pedal, for a little off the tank, rather fair trade I think. Second off, you don't want to mess with some four bangers I've seen. Even with the the 318, I've been smoked by a Cavalier before and it made me fell as little as an ant. Until I watched the same car blow the doors off or a 1998 Camaro Z-28 with the 6sp manual. So yes, they might be dumb to you, but when they can make 300+ hp STOCK, and still get 30+ MPG, I'm going to show them some major respect.

25th Nov 2006, 12:24

I have a 79 Volare Duster. I love it. And after blowing up the slant six in it (also managed to blow up the slant in the '74 Duster too. not sure how we managed that) it sat for over 2 years. I just located a new slant to replace it with and should be going into surgery next weekend. I love my Volare. And, like stated by an above post, I get a lot of grief for my primer grey baby. But, one day she will be the hottest thing in town.

16th Dec 2007, 19:49

I have a 78 Volare Vustom 4D. The SLT 6 is getting worn, but starts every time and never broke down. I fix everything myself. I won't have or work on front wheel drives, and I'm 24.