1993 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 from North America


Recommendable only to the mechanically inclined and masochists..


A/C compressor bearing failed at 196000km; removed entire A/C system, replaced compressor with idler pulley and installed new belt.

Belt tensioner failure at 205000km, replaced with new one.

New ball-joints, tie-rods and front brakes fitted to cure abnormal tire wear and front-end shimmy (206000km)

Alternator failed at 207000km, replaced with rebuilt unit.

Side door fell off because the center track failed. Welded new track, reinstalled door.

Driver door no longer closes because of cracked A-pillar. Crack welded and door re-aligned.

(210000-220000km) Belt comes off repeatedly in wet weather despite new tensioner. Engine overheats and makes a clacking noise thereafter.

Engine fails at 220000km (likely caused by damage from having overheated) ; #3 piston shatters destroying an exhaust valve and causing the connecting rod to cut a 10cm gash into the cylinder wall. Replaced with used, low-mileage engine.

(221000km) Belt still falls off in wet weather and wears abnormally quickly; power-steering pulley discovered to be warped, replaced with new pulley. Replacement tensioner discovered to be defective as well, replaced under part manufacturer's warranty. Installed new belt.

(221100km) Belt falls off yet again preceded by unbearably loud squealing noise. Problem determined to be worn bearing on A/C-delete idler pulley. Installed new pulley and dealer belt. No more belt issues to date (knock on wood!).

Stabilizer bar snapped in two, replaced with used bar.

(225000km) Transmission replaced.

(260000km) Transmission leaking from cooler lines and pan gasket.

General Comments:

What an adventure! I've repaired just about everything they is to repair on this infernal machine. I could probably write a new repair manual for it! Every 1000km or so, something else seems to go wrong. For the record, this van is used as a delivery vehicle and must take inordinate amounts of abuse in its day to day existence. Between doors being opened and slammed shut again literally hundreds of times per day and carrying rather heavy loads, it's a wonder that it's still in one piece!

In terms of reliability, this thing has been a nightmare. I decided to hold onto it since I use it only for delivery and I don't want to ruin another newer and more valuable vehicle to replace it. I pretty much know exactly where it stands mechanically and I've become quite adept at fixing it. Parts are cheap and plentiful; despite the hassle of frequent breakdowns, it does not cost me that much money to operate. One might argue correctly that it has cost me in time, but on the other hand, I find mechanical work somewhat enjoyable so it softens the blow somewhat. Call me a cheap masochist!

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Review Date: 20th December, 2006

25th Dec 2006, 03:21

Oh god, I thought I was the only one.

I had the same experience with the sliding door falling off on my '94 Grand Voyager. What a piece of junk! Ours wasn't abused.. It was used as a family vehicle and had 125,000 highway miles, and it was the fancy version with the AllWheel Drive and everything else, but man it was literally falling apart.

My parents gave it to me when I turned 16. Bad enough my friends had to climb in and out thru the front doors.. "Don't use the sliding door!!!" but when someone would inevitably try to use it and the door would basically fall off the vehicle.. yeah. How embarrassing. It would take 2 or 3 of us to get the damn thing to close again. And my dad was still making payments on the hunk of crap.

The sliding door situation got particularly dangerous on the freeway a couple times. This wasn't the only problem we had with the van, but it was by far the worst. After the fuel pump crapped out leaving us conveniently stuck in a drive-thru lane at the burger joint my dad finally decided to trade the van for a new Honda. (We took it to a bodyshop and had it overhauled and was STILL worthless as a trade-in).

Reading your review brought back memories, so I thought I'd share. I guess we got lucky and unloaded it before the engine or tranny crapped out. I feel bad for the poor sucker who ended up buying it next. Good Luck.

1993 Plymouth Voyager LE 3.0L V6 from North America


Bullet Poof if not abused!!!


My van has been solidly reliable for all these years... until 290000kms.

Starter failed 160000kms.

Alternator failed 287000kms.

The original exhaust is still intact.

General Comments:

My van has been reliable for all these years... until 290000kms. Engine troubles on the way.

Engine feels like it cuts out slightly at highway speeds. Replaced TPS-no change in fault. Replaced all ignition components still no change.

Still has original 3 speed transmission...Really!! The 3 speed automatic transmission has been solid since purchased in 1994. Due to an annual fluid and filter change.

The original exhaust is still intact.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2005

29th Nov 2005, 15:57

Your lucky, my 93 Voyager is on its 4th transmission. Its the three speed also. 190,000kms.

4th Dec 2005, 00:07

I like the dodge/plymouth product so much... that I purchased another van yesterday. A 2005 Grand Caravan (3.3 Liter 3 speed with overdrive). $16995.00 plus tax ;-) Outstanding!!!

3rd Sep 2006, 23:49

Well yes I agree.. some portions of the voyager/Caravan is good. bullet proof.. the frame is... but the transmission is junk. the 3 litre engine themselves will outlast the van's transmission ten fold. My problem is.. My step father has a 93 voyager. 300,000. yes a lot of miles, but still has power... that is if it keeps running. it keeps stalling. its not gas, because when it runs, there is a lot of power. (for a minivan) lol anyone have any ideas on what it is? you drive and then it shuts off, start it back up again, keep on trucking... til it stalls... the other day it even stopped completely...

I think we shouldn't of given up the 87 caravan with the Mitsubishi's 4 cylinder. not over whelmed with power, but it took a beaten and kept on ticking.

21st Sep 2007, 20:01

I had the same problem with my 1993 Plymouth Voyager when it sat for long periods of time. When I would first start to drive it again it would stay in first. Took it to my local Chrysler dealership, they stated something about a kick down rod getting corroded, so I had them fix it, under $100.00 dollars. Happened twice both times when it sat for long periods of time. Well worth getting fixed, van has gone 300,000k with just normal maintenance.