1994 Plymouth Voyager Ex 3.3 gas from North America


A well designed van, but too unreliable


The engine needed to be rebuilt at 18,000 kilometers (about 12,000 miles)

Air conditioning system failed

Starter, battery, and alternator replaced

Main computer replaced

Brake pads and rotors replaced at 55,000 Kilometers

Hard to start once vehicle is warmed up

Transmission clunks into low gear when slowing down or stopping

Front seats not very supportive or comfortable for long highway driving

Chrysler dealers can't diagnose starting problem.

General Comments:

The Voyager is well designed for hauling people or hauling goods.

It drives and rides like a car and handles well in city or highway driving.

The engine is powerful enough to do the job and fuel consumption is reasonable.

In spite of all of the positives it not reliable and is plagued by serious engine, transmission, electrical problems.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2003

1994 Plymouth Voyager Base 2.5L 4 cylinder from North America


Stay away! It's junk, I learned the hard way


Cylinder head cracked at 103,000 cost $500 in parts and 16 hours of my own labor to repair. Vehicle quit running and I was left stranded away from home. Contacted Chrysler and was told "Too bad, warranty has expired." This is a know problem with this engine, yet Chrysler does not notify owners of the pending danger of a real possibility of being stranded Chrysler also does not offer any help in repairs.

98,000 miles, Paint is peeling. Over 5 month period, the entire top has almost lost all of the paint. This peeling paint and resulting rust spots have reduced vehicle value by 50%. Contacted Chrysler and was told too bad, warranty has expired. This is a know problem with this year of Plymouth vehicles, yet Chrysler does not offer any help in repairs.

50,000 miles half shaft was replaced, bad constant velocity joint.

102,000 miles horn was replaced.

Recalled to have a rear hatch lock replaced with one that will not open in an accident.

Distributor cap and rotor are good for about 20,000- 25,000 miles only problem is contacts in cap are on ends of spark plug wires. This requires spark plug wires to be replaced. 25,000 miles is not a respectable tune up interval.

Drivers door weatherstrip will not stay in place.

Gas cap restraining cable broke at 70,000 miles.

General Comments:

A 4 cylinder non turbo charged is not enough engine for a mini van, even with a 5 speed manual transmission.

You cannot accelerate onto the freeway at 55 miles per hour with the air conditioner on. You must turn off the AC for any acceleration.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2002

12th Jan 2003, 16:56

I have a 1994 Plymouth Voyager and I'd never buy another one, either. It has 149,000 miles on it. I bought it 2 years ago.

In that time, I've had to replace the entire air conditioning system, motor mounts (and replace stuff damaged by that), transmission, and have had various other repairs.

However, the big problem I've still got is that every time standing water splashed under the engine, the serpentine belt slips off!!! The mechanic got a new splash guard and put it on, and today I was out and - guess what - it slipped off again! Fortunately, I was close to home.

I bought it from friends, who could have used it for a trade-in and gotten more $$ that way. They told me it had never happened to them. I'm not sure I believe that any more, it's happened to me too much.

1994 Plymouth Voyager LX from North America


I love the vehicle, but don't trust it


Engine control module has blown three times in six months of driving

First time, local mechanic couldn't find source of problem. Took it to dealer after seven months of his messing around. They fixed it in a week, but didn't search for problem. Five months later took it back, and they replaced it again, but, even with prodding, wouldn't look for source of problem. I got a nifty 12 month warranty, though. Whoopee! Bet I'll need it.

General Comments:

Don't trust the vehicle, but don't feel right about trading it off, because it's a family vehicle, and I just know that a woman and at least two children will be stranded somewhere with an engine control module blown.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2002