12th Jan 2004, 10:25

Have a 94 grand voyager that I bought new. No major mechanical problems ever, just small stuff. Paint is bad.

Have 92 Dakota that still has original accesories (starter, alternator, compresser, etc.) after 300k miles! Have replaced timing chain twice (and thus water pump as precaution). This truck has still got the original freon in the AC system. Bad paint, but neither car has ever been in a garage or carport.

This Dakota is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

8th Jun 2004, 09:09

I bought my 94 Voyager in Fairbanks Alaska in 94, brand new. Manual transmission, 2.5 Liter engine. I am in the military, was re-assigned to Ft Polk Louisiana a couple years later. Drove the Van from Alaska to New York, then Louisiana. Now I am in Missouri. 10 years, vastly different climates and driving conditions, 136,000 miles.

My Voyager has been a very good car to me and my family. I had to replace a water pump in 97, Brake drums in 01. The starter is going bad, and the windshield Wipers just died last week. Paint is chipping off of the roof in a lot of areas as well.

But for the price I paid for it in 94, and the utility I have gotten from it (It has helped us move at least 4 times, being the primary cargo vehicle to move a family of 6 and everything they own) It has been good on gas, never had a major leak, and the paint (except for the roof) is still glossy. The interior has help up pretty well, drivers side window handle loses it's knob once in a while, the sliding door window pops open a lot, but overall it still looks pretty good.

I am happy with my Van, If I had the chance to go back and buy it again, I would.