1995 Plymouth Voyager LE 3.3 from North America


The car has a very good engine, but everything else is fair to poor


I bought the car with 38k miles, and the transmission had just been replaced by the previous owner.

I paid $15700 in Aug. of 1997.

The car was nearly problem free until 150k miles.

Since then I have replaced the AC compressor twice, and converted it to 134.

The CV joints 4 times. Major weak point of the car.

Rear wiper quit at 160k.

Power steering went out at 182k.

Sliding door on RH side does not open/close lock/unlock well.

Serpentine belt in engine compartment comes off easily if you hit a big puddle of water or a small snow bank, and is a pain to get back on!

Mileage averages 21MPG.

Transmission has been progressively been consuming more oil since 250K. Now up to 1 qt of ATF+4 at every fueling.

Doors began to wear out (hinges and latches) at 250k as well as the passenger power window motor.

Driver side is hot and passenger side is too cool in summer and winter.

Spark plugs are impossible to change yourself.

Radio lights are dead.

General Comments:

This car is comfortable to drive on long trips.

Has a nice stereo... make that had a nice stereo... now the radio works, but nothing will light up to tell you what you are doing.

Very reliable engine. Still uses no oil after 327k miles.

Has always been a good starting car.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2010

29th Apr 2010, 19:21

I have a '93 Plymouth Voyager, and my experience matches yours exactly, right down to the radio lights going out. There is a new serpentine belt kit for about $100 that fixes that problem. I was to the point that any little puddle would make it slip off.

I had a rebuilt transmission installed at 125,000 miles. Now up to 332,000. I have to get the driver's side CV shaft replaced. Praying it will hold up til I get to the shop.

The 3.3 liter engine must be terrific. I change the oil every 5,000 miles. It's starting to eat oil, but otherwise no engine problems.

1995 Plymouth Voyager 3.0L V6 from North America


This car rocks and I just got it at the wrong time


Really cold, friend who owned previously didn't think to change thermostat.

Rear wiper never worked.

Door hinge pins have gone out twice on driver's door.

Sliding door likes to freeze shut.

Slight transmission shimmy between 1st and 2nd gear.

General Comments:

Very reliable, will take me anywhere that I want to go forward.

Wish they added 6 speakers instead of 4 so I could hear the radio correctly.

Decent power, not sluggish.

Love it since I'm tall.

Since I'm a DJ, great cargo space for my equipment due to the removable 3rd row seat.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2005

1995 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 V6 Gas Engine from North America


My Voyager is a great van!


I got the van with the transmission out. It ran 1st, 2nd then nothing. After having that repaired, it has run like a top.

The accessories all work, and I'm a hapyy Voyager owner.

General Comments:

We've used it to tow a trailer, to go up to the ski lifts, and to carry the dogs to the park. We love it.

It was our first minivan. Now, we are going to buy a '99 Grand Voyager this week.

From 1990-1995, I sold cars in direct competition with the Chrysler products. (I'm not in that line of work anymore) Now I know what everyone thought was so good about them.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005

1995 Plymouth Voyager 3.0L Mitsubishi V6 from North America


A small van that inspires little emotion


Leaking AC unit 50K miles.

Warped rotors 50K miles.

Leaking oil, but not measurably 60K miles.

Frozen tensioner pulley 75K miles.

Rough idle 85K miles.

General Comments:

Maintenance intervals seem short.

Driver's seat and steering column are not aligned.

At first glance, the engine compartment looks spacious. However, nearly every scheduled maintenance requires either the engine to be pulled or additional time due to excessive factory bolt-on positioning.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2005

8th Aug 2005, 10:06

At 91K, I replaced the fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor, wires and plugs, and idler pulley. The mechanic that replaced the tensioner pulley lost/broke the idler pulley bolt/shim and attempted to refit with a tapped piece of stainless steel sheeting wrapped to the outside of the bearing! The pulley ran on the sheet metal rather than the bearing, creating a source of friction and rough idle. On more than one occasion, mechanic over-filled the engine with 5 quarts of oil instead of the specified 4 quarts, possibly contributing to the oil leak issue. I've added a pint of stop leak additive to control the oil spots. Although it may be a valve cover leak, it's probably a head gasket leak. I hope to manage this with each oil change, or until I can find the source.