1995 Plymouth Voyager SE from North America


I just want to say this van is crap. I bought this van in 2003 and drove it for a exactly one year and one month before the transmission went out. My children and I were stranded in the middle of the street, luckily it was a backroad and it was not busy at all. I was able to get the van home by driving it in L2. My husband rebuilt the transmission and I drove it for almost three more months and it happened again. This time my husband only had to replace the gears. It ran fine again for one month and guess what. Yes the transmission went again. A friend that he got the parts from told him it was not the transmission itself it was the wiring harness that controls the gears that comes from the computer. We decided to fix it one more time and sell sell sell. I have since then bought another van a ford windstar and so far knock on wood it has been okay. I am so skeptical about any van I drive from now on. I worry each day if the trans will go out in the new one. I would definitely suggest no one buy a plymouth.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2005

20th Jun 2007, 23:04

I've enjoyed my van up until this past year. Was purchased in 1996 from a dealer... it had 14,000 miles. (I paid too much however, being a single woman.) At any rate, I've used the same mechanic for 10 years. Taken it across the country annually. But last year, I had numerous expensive repairs.

Evaporator coil on A/C, fan, water pump and timing belt, rear rotors with a brake replacement, and most recently, valve cover gasket replacement to stop an oil leak that has continued to get worse for years! Now, the transmission is suddenly not moving well from stationary stop to 1st and 2nd gears after getting a tune-up with a 'new' mechanic (my old one retired). The upper gears shift fine. Took it out for a drive around, went right back to the mechanic. They checked the transmission fluid--added some, said drive it for a few days, let it limber up. Come back then if needed.

Just my luck... I feel paranoid and distrustful of his competence, although I realize things get old and need replacing. I feel after reading many of these comments, I have been very lucky. But, I also had a reliable mechanic who took care of my car--oil changes ever 2500 miles, lubes, tune-ups.

Back to the current transmission scare: the car will make plenty of noise like it's moving when accerating from a stop--but---it's barely moving. The speedometer doesn't seem to register accurately either when this happens. It is slow to travel back also when I brake suddenly. What the heck? Anyone recognize these symptoms? At one point I scared myself when I was manuvering a left hand turn and the car didn't turn and move in traffic at the speed I expected it to... could have been hit if I hadn't have floored it!!

Is it time to sell it? Bad thing is I've taken good care, but it has hail damage to the body. Otherwise, engine is clean and a good second car.


14th Aug 2011, 01:16

Don't blame Chrysler because your husband can't rebuild a transmission.

1995 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 V6 from North America


A good used van


I bought my 1995 Plymouth Voyager in early April, 2001. I needed another car, my previous car was totaled in serioius car crash. I liked my Nissan, but my Sentra was just too little, I wanted something bigger.

I paid $4200 for my van, the price was right, very low miles, not what I set out in search for, but this voyager was a good buy.

This van was in exceptional condition, still is. 3 months after taking ownership, (74,500 miles) it was apparent my voyager was leaking transmission fluid. I probably should have done a closer inspection upon purchasing.

I drove this van and 2 months, from just adding fluid. Sure enough, at 123,000 the transmission started slipping. A new one was needed at a cost of $1,100. The trannie didn't go all at once, it gave me fair warning, and a chance to get it to mechanic, never left me stranded.

AC stopped blowing cold air at 127,000 miles. New seals and refrigerant were needed at a cost of $130.

During a routine tune up at 100,000 miles, it was found to need a new water pump, a cost of $120.

New valve cover gaskets at 135,000 miles. I probably should have had them replaced earlier. My buddy changed the gaskets, he said a lot of disassembly was required. A total cost of $120, including the gaskets.

General Comments:

This van is great for camping, take the rear seats out, and 3 layers of foam mattress pad, and its very comfortable. I've driven this van cross country on a half dozen occasions and i'll do so again. Runs like a dream, great mileage, very peppy V6 makes 20 hour cross country trips at 85 miles per hour into a headwind seem easy. Little road noise, nice infinity sound system. Comfortable. Superior road trip machine.

All and all, I have about $5500 dollars invested in this vehicle, and its given me many reliable miles. I feel confident I'll get at least another 100,000 miles out of my voyager.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2003

8th Aug 2005, 10:28

You're lucky; you've either got the know-how, mechanically inclined friend, or both! Without this, your labor costs alone would have been $5,500. Hopefully, your skills or the loyalty of your friends doesn't run out in the next 100K miles 'cause you will likely need them.