1997 Plymouth Voyager Grand 3.0L from North America


Average transportation if you have lots of $$$ for maintenance


Transmission failed at 12,000 miles (replaced under warranty).

Transmission failed again around 90,000 miles (replaced for big $$$ by nationwide chain at my cost).

A/C Compressor failed at 70,000 miles (replaced at my cost).

A/C Evaporator failed at 80,000 miles (replace for $1000 at my cost). THis is apparently a common occurrence with these vans!

A/C controller (and switches) failed at 58,000 miles (replaced at my cost).

Idler pulleys replaced I don't know how many times (bad lubrication). Still a problem.

A lifters went intermittently noisy around 80,000 miles.

Valve cover gaskets failed around 90,000 miles and leaked oil all over everything (replaced).

Power door locks started failing around 85,000 miles. I've cleaned the contacts, but they don't work 1/2 the time.

It used to need a brake job every year (!) until I put competition (semi-metallic) pads on it. Don't use the factory replacements! I've had the rotors replaced twice in the front.

Little things like the visor clasps break. I've replaced them 3 times, and they still break, and that's being careful. Bad plastics in the design.

Cup holders mechanisms broke right off the bat, and we just put inserts in them (cheap!).

General Comments:

This car listed at $21,000. I paid $17,000 after incentives. We've easily spent $10,000 keeping it running!!!

We've maintained the vehicle by the book since we've had it (serviced by national chain every 3000 miles). Including brake pads, spark plugs, rotor, cap, wires, air filters.

The 3.0L engine has medium power, but decent fuel economy (approx 20 mpg) on regular unleaded fuel. I would never get that engine again.

The suspension has been excellent. Only one problem, and that was a loose stabilizer bar.

The body has virtually no rust! There was one spot my mechanic touched up for me at about 100,000 miles.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

1997 Plymouth Voyager 4.4 from North America


We definitely got a lemon!!!


At 12,000 miles the timing belt broke, at 16,000 it blew a head gasket. after 45,000 the switch to turn on the air and heating went out.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2003

1997 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 Liter from North America


Should have sold this vehicle well before it reached 60,000 miles!


Wipers turned on intermittently. Wiper switch was changed to correct.

Problem with seat belts in the integrated safety seats. Dealer corrected it by adding seat belt extensions.

Electric door locks don't all lock or unlock when the switch is pressed. Had it to the dealer many times about this, and they claimed they couldn't reproduce problem. Couldn't repeat the problem, so no fix. Gave up on this since the warranty expired.

Car has been pretty reliable until recently:

At 59,000 miles, transmission burned out and replaced with a rebuilt for the manufacturer. $2700.

At 59,500 miles, belt auto-tensioner arm stopped working. All belts and tensioner replaced (this is the 2nd time for the belts). $450.

At 60,000 miles, service engine light on, even after a total 60k service. ($550). Still waiting on the dealer to hear what's wrong. I'm expecting another big bill, as they said it could be the timing belt skipped a couple teeth. Time estimate is for 5 hours, and that's without parts.

This vehicle has been maintained regularly - oil changes every 3,000 miles, has had a couple tune ups. It's not been abused, either.

Since my transmission was replaced, I'm hearing about others who own Voyagers and Caravans who had similar problems and repair bills.

General Comments:

Lots of room. It's great how the seats come out.

Sliding doors are great - lots of room to get in and out when you're in narrowed parking spaces.

Interior stood up pretty well with the regular wear and tear from a family of five.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

1997 Plymouth Voyager from North America


A horrible nightmare


This car is a nightmare! I'm on my 4th transmission and Plymouth/Chrysler will not stand by their product.

Along with the Transmission, are the other common problems with this vehicle: clock spring, brakes, etc.

General Comments:

I love the concept, but a monkey could build a better transmission.

It is a shame that Chrysler/Plymouth stays in business by sucking the customer dry with repairs.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2003