8th Nov 2002, 08:36

I agree, my Plymouth voyager is a 97 and the worst vehicle I've ever owned. The airbag light is on, my cruise no longer works, my steering wheel clicks, I have an leak oil, but no one can find the leak, and I think my transmission is going bad. I definitly will never purchase another vehicle from them again, and will advise others to steer clear also.

13th Dec 2002, 23:53

I own a 1997 Grand Voyager the horn doesn't work, air bag light is on, cruise control inoperative, 2 serpentine belts replaced less than 3 months, air conditioned repaired with both evaporators, and the only recall notice receive is for the fuel lines.

4th Aug 2003, 21:07

97 voyager, Air bag light, no cruise, no horn, is a recall. Hope this helps I had to search forever to find out this. Got it fixed in 15 minutes at dealer no charge. I had 120,000 plus miles at the time. Don't get stuck with the bill like I almost did. I still love my Voyager.

16th Jul 2004, 06:55

97 Voyager-My service light has come on twice, both times it was an oxygen sensor. My horn & cruise doesn't work and the airbag light has been on for a month. I'm glad to hear it's a recall, thanks. I also need to replace the a/c compressor.

5th Aug 2004, 17:42

I have a 1999 Plymouth Voyager and the airbag light is on, the cruise control and horn does not work either. I have been told by my local dealer this is the clock spring, but because it is a 1999 it is not covered in the recall. If you are having the same thing please contact the Plymouth/Dodge recall department @ 1-800-853-1403 and report it you will need to give them you VIN#. They say they are researching, but they will not repair my vehicle without me paying nearly $400.