31st Dec 2009, 00:35

Yeah, like I know what you mean.

31st Jan 2017, 02:29

Did the new Hondas, Mustangs, Toyotas & even Jags know that they were involved in a race?

1st Feb 2017, 13:32

When out in our family Viper, it seems to definitely attract crazy motorists. People passing erratically in tight lanes for a better look. Or ones that are stop light idiots. Seeing a Jeep revving the engine. A Dodge Ram female hanging out the window. The best was a stop and go heavy traffic situation. The driver next to us hit the gas. And rammed into a driver ahead. Finally there are car drivers who want be a brand new race car driver. Sometimes we make a turn to simply avoid these people. Not all are bad and often people are very nice. Filling up with fuel seems to draw nicer ones. And then there are the killjoys who think it's not a practical minivan or the like strictly over the cost.

1st Feb 2017, 23:45

"Family Viper" sounds like an oxymoron!

Funny story, though. Enjoy your car.

2nd Feb 2017, 16:29

Family business with family cars. The cars ultimately are cared for and passed on at a later date. So why not share on occasion now.

2nd Feb 2017, 23:08

"Family car" has certain connotations, and is usually applied to a minivan or large sedan. There's nothing wrong with the Viper; it's just not the first car that comes to mind with that phrase.

It's great that you use yours that way!

3rd Feb 2017, 01:21

Could you explain what kind of family business uses a Viper for what purpose?

3rd Feb 2017, 13:22

Daily driven for a while. Best to now change topics with the sports car sensitivity on unrelated review vehicles. Only similarity to the review is being domestic. Have a good one!

4th Feb 2017, 10:21

Medical practices. But any number of professions and family businesses. Cars are often registered and insured under a business. A telling sign is to look at what is typically parked close to the office entrances. Some may have reserved signs in front. Others are less visibly parked in a garage or even inside a shop.