2nd Dec 2005, 17:23

We have enjoyed our Aztek until now when we had to replace the intake gaskets for a small fee. I don't think there should have been problems at 40,000 miles.

December 2, 2005.

26th May 2006, 19:33

My husband and I own a 2001 GT and it has about 90,000 miles on it. We just got it back from the dealership because the brake line broke and caused a small fire under the hood. The mechanic who worked on the car informed me this happens when a lot of salt is placed on the roads (we live in PA, but lived in Boston for 2 years). I know this isn't true because our other car is lower to the ground and is older and we have no problems with the brake line. But like every one else, despite all the problems we have had with it, we love the car and think it rides a lot nicer than some of those expensive SUVs.

24th Oct 2006, 19:41

Have had a number of problems with our Aztek. Had to replace the transmission at 65,000 miles. Have had a number of electrical modules replaced.

Problems started with the radio going on and off. Then the horn was not always working. Dealer replaced the control module.

Then the door alarm would go off after unlocking the doors and leaving it for about 10 minutes. When you opened any door after this idle time the alarm would go off. Dealer replaced the control module again.

Then we found the door alarm would not work at all. You could set the door alarms and then open the doors and no alarm. Dealer replaced the control module again.

Learned that each time the control module is replaced, you need to get all your keys reprogrammed. If not, you cannot start the engine with the keys that were not reprogrammed.

Learned that there are 2 air filters for the internal air system. You have to open the glove compartment, remove the black panel and you can get to the filters. You pull the first one out, then slide the second one to the opening and pull it out also. Go to an auto store to get replacements. They come 2 to a package. Dealer will charge $75 to $100 to replace these $40 filters.

27th Feb 2007, 21:30

I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek, and the right side passenger air bag in the seat deployed by itself. My kids were in the Aztek while this happened. Now I'm dealing with the GM people, and they want to check it out to see if I tampered with it, which is fine, but do you think that they would get someone out to check it as soon as possible, but they haven't, I'm still waiting to hear back while my Aztek sits at the GM dealership, and I have no vehicle. I like the Aztek, but the problems and faults in this vehicle are a major problem for the dealership itself, and mostly the buyer. If anyone has experienced any of the similar faults, please comment to this same webpage, as we will support each other. Thank you.

16th Jul 2007, 13:51

There are so many complaints and... I guess everyone has a right to voice their opinions. OK the rear hatch takes twice to open, stop being lazy and press the button twice are you that lazy?

The rear spoiler actually blinds high beams and works in favor if you ask me.

The radio up and down problem comes from SCV turn it off... it is not malfunctioning your too old to know what that does. Let me explain. If you speed up or get on the freeway it makes sure the volume stays at the same level of hearing so that you don't have to adjust your radio. you just get in and drive.

The vehicle is fine. I think people like to complain.

10th Aug 2007, 07:29

I feel all your pain. I bought my Aztec back in 2000 and I've gone through most of the problems except replacing the transmission. I've replaced more bulbs in my Aztec than I have in my house. I quit replacing the fog lights because I'm lucky to get 30 days out of them (and yes I do know not to touch them with your bare fingers). I don't have a problem with my volume controls from my steering wheel, it's only when I try to adjust from the knob on the radio. The SCV should know which way I'm going with the volume whether I'm sitting still or doing 70. Anyways, with a 145,000+ miles on it, I'll keep putting money into it because I do love my Aztec like an unwanted, red-headed stepchild (ha ha). GM needs to do some refining on it and bring it back so I can get a new one. Thank you and have a good day.